Hugo Rodallega’s strong defense after the match against Gymnastics: “They called us monkeys, blacks”

The experienced forward of Santa Fe Independentfrom Bogota, the Colombian Hugo Rodallega denounced in the media that the fans of Gymnastics and Fencing they call him”black and monkey”, during the game that his team lost 1-0 in the silver by South American Cup.

Calling you black and cute is disrespectful. This is not how we improve as humanity. It is a disaster what is happening in the whole world and it is sad that we come here and this happens. And I’m not saying that we lost because people offend, because that’s normal, but the issue of racism is already tiring.”, questioned rodallega in dialogue with ESPN.

It is disrespectful and generates great sadness. Because there are things that happen on the field where we can argue, fight, there may be expulsions, and it’s normal. But that people start to mess with the issue of race makes me sad, ”she remarked.

“It doesn’t hurt me to lose. You can lose a last minute, but what happens in the stadium, in the environment, hurts me. In Bogotá we treat gymnastics well, we respect them, and today they don’t respect us”, highlighted.

The Vinicius case that moves the world

Just on the day that the harsh sanctions that the Spanish Federation applied to the club became known Valencia for the racist references that his fans made to the Brazilian forward of real Madrid, junior viniciusfrom which a red card received in that match was even taken away.

the party in the silver It was heating up towards the end of the first half, when strong clashes led to the expulsions of felipe sanchez Delaware Gym and wilson morelo (ex Colón, from Santa Fe) of the Colombians, as well as both coaches, the local sebastian romero and the visitor gerardo bedoya (former footballer of Racing Club champion in 2001).