In the definition of the Kings League, the Camp Nou asked Lionel Messi

The league of kings It continues to take more and more looks from the fans and now finishing something incredible. The tournament that organizes Gerard Piqué filled the Camp Nou for the parties corresponding to the the last four and those present rose from their seats to shout for the return of Lionel Messi Alabama Barcelona.

The league of kings It is one of the best events in the history of Twitch. Organized by Gerard Piqué, the 7 versus 7 soccer league has the participation of streamers, former soccer players and other important figures. After 11 days of the regular season and the quarterfinals, four teams reached the definition in the Barcelona stadium.

When sergi Kun Omen, one of the main faces of the Kings League, spoke at the Barcelona stadium, the fans immediately came to ask for Messi. The classic cry of “Meeeessi, Meeeessi” resounded in the stadium where they miss the Argentine and hope to have the chance to repatriate him.

This response from the fans will be after the Kun Agüero has commented that his former teammate and close friend should retire from the club that saw him born in football. “I think Leo Messi should retire at Barsa. Barcelona is his home and he has to finish his degree here. My feeling is that there is a 50% chance that he will return,” said the former soccer player.

What possibilities are there for Messi to return to Barcelona?

After early removal in Champions League of the psg, the future of the Argentine captain presented more doubts. Although, until now, Messi would only negotiate with the team from the French capital, from Barcelona they dream of being able to repatriate him.

Currently, the man from Rosario has a contract for three more months with PSG and has a clause to extend it for another year. For now, the strongest resolution is the one that involves the Argentine number 10 extending his relationship with his current team.

Despite this, both Barcelona and the Miami Inter they reappeared in the player’s orbit to be able to take over their services in what would be the final stretch of his career. For now, Messi is together with his teammates from the Argentine national team thinking about the last friendly against curacao next Tuesday.