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Increases in different services in the countryThe increases will be reflected in the month of January.

The value is expected to rise in the coming days.

The new year arrives with a series of increases in different products and services, both for those who move in a private vehicle and for those who travel by air.

To the already effective rise in the price of fuels, will be added in the coming days the increase in tolls, plane tickets, bystanders, yards and mandatory traffic accident insurance.

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The National Highway Institute is expected to announce the increase in 30 tolls in 15 departments on January 5, once the cumulative inflation data for 2022 is known.

Air tickets will also have a considerable price increase, since the airlines are authorized to charge again the 19 percent VAT on the ticketsrate that during the pandemic had been reduced to 5 percent and with which 43.6 million travelers were able to mobilize.

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Other services that will be covered by the increases will be vehicle yards, fines for traffic violations and Soat.

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