Instituto lost to San Lorenzo, with two penalty goals

With two penalty goals, Instituto lost as a visitor to San Lorenzo. This result was not what was expected for those led by Bovaglio.

It was a difficult match. Everything made us assume that it was going to be closed. And it was correct, the first goal comes after a very controversial play, where the referee was summoned by the Var to review his decision, the judge interpreted that there was a slap and a push against the striker.

The first penalty and the 1-0 of San Lorenzo

The second penalty and the 2-0 of San Lorenzo

The second goal also came from twelve steps. It was provoked by the captain and goalkeeper of the Institute. Carranza kicked Gattoni hard. In the first instance, the referee swore that it was for a yellow card, but he was summoned by the Var, again, to review the video. Upon checking it, he decides to change his first ruling, expel the man from Glory and charge a penalty.

Vombergar was once again the executor of the goal. The powerful right hand made it 2-0, against Rojo, Carranza’s replacement.

Instituto and San Lorenzo played at the Pedro Bidegain Stadium, for matchday 17 of the Professional League. The team led by Rubén Darío Insúa deducts points from River and establishes itself as an escort.

Bovaglio’s team accumulates 20 points and last date before three important points by beating Colón de Santa Fe, cutting a series of four dates without winning and a point of 12 at stake.

For now he does not suffer in the table of averages but if he suffers a bad streak again it can be complicated.

this was close

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