Javier Mascherano was confident after the victory: “We will try to win the group”

Javier Mascherano He was cautious when analyzing his managers after reaching the qualification to the round of 16 tonight Sub 20 world because I wish that “at the age these guys are, it’s very difficult to know what the team is for.”

We knew we were going to have control of the game and that from the first minute we would have control of the game, but we would not exercise that give them options to play, because they are in the World Cup for a reason and it could complicate you, “he explained. mascherano. “It is very difficult at these ages to analyze what we are for in just two games. And now we have a very physically strong rival like New Zealand and we will try to win the group”, he pointed out.

He little boss He commented that he tries to “make them understand that they are here for their own merits. AND personally I am enjoying all this very much, going through a process that is new to me in which what I try to do is help the boys, who are good footballers, so that they can later empower themselves”. “What we also try is to manage the group so that all the players have minutes according to the physical recovery of each one,” he specified.

And it must also be said that The support of the public in Santiago del Estero was very important in these two games and we are sure that the same will happen in San Juan on Friday with the New Zealanders”, he concluded. The delegation will travel tomorrow at noon to that city in Cuyo.