Juan Grabois presented his book in Rome and defended the beneficiaries of social plans

John Graboisleader of the Patria Grande Front, presented in Rome “the worst“, his book. He was accompanied at the event by former Italian Prime Minister and current deputy Giuseppe Conte. In this context, the presidential candidate argued that in Italy there are “the same prejudices” about the “lazy” who are beneficiaries of state social plans .

“In Italy, ‘the worst’, those attacked and denigrated, are those who receive the reddito di cittadinanza. The criticisms that they are lazy and do not work that are heard in Italy are heard in Argentina“, pointed out the reference of the MTE in the presentation of his work at the Casa Argentina in Rome.

According to a statement, Grabois spoke about “the similarities of the denigration and stigmatization campaigns in Argentina and Italy of informal workers who receive financial aid with the government’s social programs.”

consulted by Clarion about the possibility of the social leader meeting with the Pope Francisco in the Italian capital, from their surroundings they responded: “I have no answer”.

Juan Grabois imagines himself president and is already considering measures: “If I win the elections, I’ll kick Massa out tomorrow”

The sources sentenced: “The origin of the trip was due to his role as a member of the department for integral human development.”

On his Twitter account, after the presentation of the book, Grabois wrote: “Presentation of the book and debate on universal basic salary with the former Prime Minister of Italy, @GiuseppeConteIT and current deputy for @Mov5Stelle, creator of the ‘Reddito di cittadinanza ‘. The same prejudices on both sides of the pond.”

Conte, for his part, revealed that he was “impacted” by the title of the piece. “Talk about they are to blame for everything, the stigmas. And that also happened in Italy, with the media campaign against this measure, and against those who perceived it, accused them of being criminals, ”he argued.

Juan Grabois obtained his candidacy for President: “I am the first candidate of the Frente de Todos”

And they left an indirect message to the current Prime Minister Georgia Meloni: “I highly appreciate Grabois’s work, which stems from a great moral inspiration. This narration then corresponds to the political forces to attack the reddito to the cittadinanza and make a political campaign to dismantle it”.

They have said that the measure favors black work or that because of them there will be no more seasonal work. They are all falsehoods: our statistics institute certified that 2022 was the record year for seasonal workers,” he closed.

What does Grabois’s book talk about?

A statement that “The worst” “invites to discuss underlying problems of Argentine society and present innovative proposals to solve them: the existing forms of work and production today, the universal basic salary and the popular economy; the question of security and crime, the public policies for the reintegration of those who recover their freedom; the problem of access to land and housing; among others”.

Now, the social leader will present his book in Lisbon, Portugal, at the Galveias Library, and on Tuesday he will arrive in Madrid, where in the afternoon he will show his work in society together with the deputy of Podemos Rafel Mayoral.


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