Julián Álvarez became the third footballer trained at River to win the Premier League

After the result that occurred in the duel between the Arsenal and the nottingham forestautomatically gave the possibility to manchester city of being champion of the Premier League that he enjoyed with the victory against Chelsea by 1 to 0 in a match in which Julián Álvarez was in charge of scoring the only goal of the match.

With this triumph, the Argentine attacker became the third footballer from River who can achieve this distinction in one of the most important leagues on the planet.

What are the other players that emerged from the Millionaire who also won the Premier League?

The first on the list was Hernán Crespo, who in the 2005/06 season modified reach the trophy at the hands of José Mourinho’s Chelsea in a campaign in which he scored 10 goals for his team that ended up reaching 91 points.

The other Argentine in this list is Martin Demichelis, current coach of the Banda Cruzada team, who in the 2013/14 season he won this contest becoming one of the fundamental players for the Chilean Manuel Pellegrini.

What have been the titles that Julián Álvarez has won

The Scaloneta attacker has known how to celebrate in the following tournaments:

  • Libertadores Cup 2018
  • South American Cup Winners’ Cup 2019
  • argentinian cup 2019
  • Argentine Super Cup 20119
  • Professional Soccer League 2021
  • Champions Trophy 2021
  • America’s Cup 2021
  • final 2022
  • World Cup 2022
  • Premier League 2022/23