Kirchnerism prepares Cristina’s act while the inmate with Alberto Fernández is enlivened

The preparations for the act that will be headed by the vice president Cristina Kirchner this Thursday May 25th at the May Plaza they continued forward with the beginning of the setting up the stage which will be located meters from the doors of the Casa Rosada, in the middle of the Internal in the Front of All facing the elections that did not stop and added more elements in the last hours, such as the confirmation that the president Alberto Fernández will not attend.

Despite the fact that the president called in recent days to participate in the act and listen to the message that he will offer to the former president, who will not compete as a presidential candidate as announced days ago, now it has been revealed that he will not attend in the middle of a discomfort with Kirchnerism for its recent statements about public works in the efforts of Cristina Kirchner, consigned the agency N/A.

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It happens that Fernández recently spoke in an interview about the “very serious ethical imprudence” that the former president has “signed agreements” with the businessman Lázaro Báez during his administrations.

And he also criticized the electoral strategy that the Kirchnerism of seek to guarantee “the third” of the electorate itselfconsidering that it doesn’t work to winin addition to trying to ensure that there is no STEP in the ruling party and enthroning the candidate by “consensus”, which is also questioned by the current head of state.

Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Kirchner.

All this sparked the anger from the vice president’s entourageaccording to the agency N/Awhat already He assumed that Fernández will not attend the event in Plaza de Mayo due to the strong tension that reigns at the moment and that not even the president’s decision not to stand for re-election could calm down.

Fernández and Cristina Kirchner have not shared public spaces for a long time and also they limited private contact to a minimum.

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The act of May 25 by Cristina Kirchner

Meanwhile, the stage for the act is already rising on the square, a few meters from the Government House, where Cristina Kirchner will be the only speaker and will give her message starting at 4:00 p.m., coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the assumption of Nestor Kirchner.

A sector of Peronism intends to support the leadership of the former president at the head of the pro-government armed forces, which has yet to define who will be the candidate for the space after the displacement of Cristina Kirchner herself.

While, Fernández will attend earlier, at 11, the traditional Tedeum in the Metropolitan Cathedraltogether with a group of his ministers, in another differentiation regarding vice, and after that activity he will seclude himself in the Quinta de Olivos.

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