Livestock sector: What are feedlots and how will they affect beef prices?

The livestock market shows a different scenario in the feedlots. This could have repercussions with large increases towards the end of the year in bovine meat.

In this context, we communicate with Alvaro Moreiradirector of Valor Carne, who spoke about current events in the livestock sector.

“The feedlot is the fattening of cattle in a corralfinishing the feeding of the animals before sending them to slaughter”, said Moreira, who later developed: “It is a mode of production adopted in the last 30 years, inspired by the American model”.

“Nowadays, The feedlot is synonymous with precision livestock and the latest technology”explained the interviewee. “Feedlots represent 40% of meat production in the country”, added.

Likewise, the expert said that it comes from a “very bad moment” for the sector. “The price of food in 2022 rose 110% while meat rose only 35%”, explained the interviewee.

“A lot of gross margin was lost in the sector, the fall in the value of calves greatly influenced the sector,” Moreira explained. “In 2023 there was a slight rebound in the sector”the expert concluded.

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