Lollapalooza closes its last day with a resounding success

A new edition of Lollapalooza is taking place, the festival that with its exuberant and varied curatorship has positioned itself as one of the most popular in the world. And, perhaps, this festival founded in 1991 by Perry Farrell, singer of Jane’s Addiction, is one of the ones that best managed to establish its franchises in each of the countries that organize it. With a demarcated conceptual descent, “el Lolla” left the United States for the first time in 2011, when he landed in Chile and then he did the same in Brazil, Argentina and other countries.

After a devastating start on Friday, where Rosalía –her second Lolla in Argentina– stood out, Chano, who announced the return of Tan Biónica, to the emotional support of her fans; and Trueno and Dante Spinetta, giving that note of urban music fused with rock, which the public has been demanding lately, the festival made headlines again with its second day.

Red card. But not everything was rosy on the first day of Friday. One of the problematic points was Drake, one of the main musical references in the world, who decided to suspend the streaming agreed with Flow. The provider should have issued a statement distancing itself from responsibility and Daniel Grinbank, who is not linked to the production of the festival but is an authority on the organization of shows, even posted his gaze on this fact. “Regardless of the conflict of not having streamed his show, the live performance at the San Isidro racetrack at Lollapalooza was absolutely disappointing to me, Drake’s performance. When you go on stage alone, without a band, without dancers, and the whole show is focused on your performance, you can’t afford such an erratic, discontinuous show, full of endless bumps”, the producer opined. “On the other hand, you can’t try to replace musicians or choreographies with just pyrotechnics. This is a valid resource as a complement to a show, but not its axis (sic). Without a doubt, it did not live up to the expectations it generates. Yesterday does not limit the hotline bling,” Grinbank wrote, referring to Drake’s hit.

Just rock. And yesterday was the rock day, so to speak. And among other standards, it was the day that Twenty One Pilots returned to Argentina. The measure that those presented was “a ring finger”. Two weeks ago, Travis Barker fractured it rehearsing with his band, Blink 182, which is why they had to suspend their tour of South America and Mexico. And although no suspension received is good, the replacement implies the return of a group highly respected and loved by the fans of the Barker band, which was making a brand new return to the stage and had to give way to the group of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun , whose group is named after All were my children, the work of Arthur Miller, in which, during World War II, the protagonist sells defective aviation parts and causes the death of 21 American pilots.

As for the alternative rock and rap duo that year after year became one of the most important bands in the world, they were the highlight of a day marked by rock, which also featured The 1975, a band led by Matthew Healy, who had recently made headlines for calling on his Oasis compatriots to leave the fights behind and come back to headline, for example, Glastonbury. That led to a series of tantrums, but the truth is that The 1975 took advantage of their very good moment and offered the electrifying and sensual show for which they were summoned. Another highlight was the visit of Tame Impala. Those led by Kevin Parker are regulars. Already manifesting several times and perhaps, seen from the outside, the curatorship may sound somewhat repetitive. But the reason why they are summoned again is that Parker’s project lives in constant mutation. His show, which began shortly before 9:00 p.m., is an unpredictable cascade of classic songs and novelties that unfold to the rhythm of psychedelic visuals. And another reason he would likely return is Parker’s commitment to the musical cause. After injuring his hip, he feared the cancellation of the show, but the singer-songwriter was categorical: “It takes much more than a broken hip to get me off a Latin American tour,” he commented in a recent interview.

On that same stage, a few hours later, Jamie XX appeared, the alter ego of Jamie Smith, who back in 2009 emerged with his band The xx. With this project, the artist ventures into a more dance electronic sound, with some sound membranes that outline concepts, themes and climates that are announced in full dance.

In the final line. In addition, yesterday Jane’s Addiction finally visited the festival founded by her singer, after last year they should have been suspended due to close contact. This time, without the historic guitarist, Dave Navarro, she will be able to do her thing.

And another unavoidable rocker day at Lolla was Catupecu Machu. Fernando Ruiz Díaz’s band, now reformulated with his former Vanhtra teammates Charlie Noguera and Julian Gondell, is at one of its peaks of rock empowerment. The steamroller that they knew how to be turned into a machine of songs as baroque as they are frenetic, which account for a unique and unrepeatable world. Alternative since always and converted into a current urban myth, its inclusion in Lollapalooza gave freshness and consolidation that sometimes the novelty should not necessarily be sought in who has been on this planet for less time, but in who better deciphers and composes a contemporary language and rupturist.

Today will be the third and last day of this festival. And this will be a day to vibrate in another tune, with Billie Eilish, Skrillex, Lil Nas X and Rise Against at the head, and Kali Uchis and María Becerra in a second but luxurious line. And regarding Billie Eilish’s performance, there is a lot of expectation and the closing of Skrillex promises to be that party, on the verge of ritual.

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