Macri compared Riquelme with Cristina Kirchner: “Argentina and Boca suffer from aggravated caudillismo”

Mauricio Macri announced that it will accompany the launch of Andres Ibarra in his candidacy to preside Mouth and compared to the current management of Jorge Amor Ameal and Juan Roman Riquelme with his vision of the Kirchnerist government: “Argentina suffers from an aggravated caudillismo, and that is what happens to Boca as well”.

Also, interviewed in CO+detail that “The sin is personalism, authoritarianism, the lack of harmonious work between the coaching staff and the players, the board of directors and the club employees. That is seen Sunday to Sunday ”.

“I brought Juan Román Riquelme to Boca. But that has nothing to do with running a club. They are two different things.”

Macri will be a candidate in Boca

Macri conceded that he will accompany the club’s Board of Directors, in the event that the platform he supports wins, and He affirmed that there is an institutional crisis since “Boca has always represented what is lived in the country”. Likewise, he stated that he was “very sad” for the institutional present of Boca and shot at riquelme.

“This is what we are experiencing at the club beyond all the love we can have for an idol. I brought Juan Román Riquelme to Boca. But that has nothing to do with running a club. They are two different things“, he said. In addition, he opined that “they have a wrong vision, it hurts like a swollen mouth”.

Macri pointed again against Riquelme: “Being a good player does not make you a good leader”

In a television interview with the channel The Nation+the former president said he is coming “the end of populism” and that “a country is trustworthy, just like a club, a company or a university, when the rules of the institutions are above the people” and added:

“I have always worked so that Boca is above everything and I amended the statute so that no one feels like the owner of the club. You have to be competitive again and get players out of the lower ranks and instill in them the mystique of the club”.

Regarding the elections that will be held this year, Macri determined: “I want to tell the fans of Boca that we have to dream big again, but first there must be an institution with seriousness and professionalism. Personalism does not lead and they have made us lose the role of leading and modern institution”.

Mauro Icardi could join Boca Juniors in June

The presentation of La Bombonera of the 21st century

This Monday, in an act held in La Boca in front of more than a thousand people, Andres Ibarraformer general manager of Boca and life partner, presented the campaign axes of the “Passion and Management Movement” and made official the project of The Bombonera of the 21st century. This initiative proposes to increase the current capacity of the xeneize court by 83%, with 52,481 stalls, 49,673 popular and 3,484 boxes.

This project, which would join the current stadium via a bridgeIt also includes 5,000 parking spaces, 22 access doors, 12 8K screens, food courts and commercial spaces. The total cost of the work would be 390 million dollars and, its construction time, two to three years.

The event also commemorated the club’s exploits, and featured testimony from prominent figures such as Alfredo Rojas, Ángel Clemente Rojas, Miguel Ángel Brindisi, Diego Cagna and Roberto Abbondanzieri, among others. Virtually, the twins Guillermo and Gustavo Barros Schelotto, Martín Palermo and Rolando Schiavi were also present.

The elections in Boca

Although the date for the elections in the club has not yet been confirmed, it is expected that they will be in December. In addition to the ruling party, which did not announce its candidate, but is suspected of suspecting Riquelme himself, the opposition Andrés Ibarra along with Mauricio Macri have already confirmed their participation.

Furthermore, the employer mario pergolini He recently received his candidacy from the Xeneize Unity movement, made up of opposition people and members who left the current board of directors.

Mario Pergolini obtained his candidacy for the presidency of Boca Juniors

For his part, he will also update that he will seek the presidency Jorge Realefrom the Xeneize Family association and whose opposition list dreams of building the New Bombonera on Demarchi Island.


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