Marcelo D’alessandro: “Espionage helped the K to set up the trial against the Court”

“Why did you quit?”

—I made the decision once I was able to identify the task force that did the spying on my phone, and it was verified by the Justice, that it affected me, judges, prosecutors and other politicians (such as Diego Santilli and Daniel Angelici), and I decided to become a plaintiff. I understand that the work that I have been doing is 24/7 and the management needs 100%, more now in the campaign, and the truth is that I am going to be dedicated to this investigation. We already know who they were, now we want to know who improved and financed it, and who is using it. These task groups were not seen even during the dictatorship. There are many questions. But this derives from Kirchnerism, Kirchnerism took it out and mounted it because of how it is coming out, who are the first to find out. Now the investigation showed that to hack and steal the phone you need to have access to databases, one of them is from Renaper and the same day that my line was stolen there is a user who checks me in Renaper. Now I will ask as a complainant to determine who that user is.

—So it was Kirchnerism that promoted espionage?

—What I can say is that all this helped them set up that impeachment farce of the Court and it is the only space that is exploiting this situation. We, of the legal cases that occurred, are all closed and some have technical reports where they were broken, with a court ruling, that when they took control of the phone they could adulterate, create or modify chats. There are audios that are cut and edited, others that correspond to other conversations. There is talk of a supposed businessman who would be giving me a bribe from a tender that he lost. He is crude like everything that Kirchnerism does.

“If it’s all a lie, then why give up?”

—I am not tied to any position, I do not come to live from the State. I specialized in security, I am proud to have the best indexes in the last 28 years. I did it with passion and today I cannot dedicate 100% to it. But what happened is a habitual practice of the Kirchner government: Enrique Olivera, De Narváez and now he is doing it with this situation. Everything to be able to defend the boss, and we are not the same, I am not prosecuted, not even charged. Other convicts continue to cling to their position.

“Why do you think they went against you?”

—They were looking for the link with Justice that I had as a minister. Kirchnerism destroys what it does not control, and there is a sector of Justice that it cannot control. They went to look for the judges of the Highway case, those who reviewed the cases, the prosecutors who investigated and those who from the opposition used the management with the Justice.

—Did you feel supported by Larreta?

-Yes of course. Under no circumstances did I doubt Horacio’s support. I know there are many versions, but if Horacio wanted him, he would throw out the first day. The truth is that he trusted and asked for the license in the middle of the campaign. He asked me to lead the technical teams and he doesn’t want me to walk away, he values ​​what I did and what the security team did. He wants us to use our experience in the fight against mafias and drug trafficking.

“If Bullrich calls you, would you go to work with her?”

—I have known Patricia for a long time and we work together. Beyond her personal appreciation, she is a benchmark for this space. The important thing is to maintain the unity of the space and, as Horacio says, people are going to choose.

Do you think Larreta will be president?

“Yes, of course I do, and I think he is one of the most capable people to run a government.”

—Don’t you think that the spying on your phone was also part of a campaign against Larreta?

—Always, when you attack a cabinet minister of a presidential person, you are looking to hit that person. In reality, as Kirchnerism does, it is wearing the institutions. And from Together for Change we are not going to allow it.

—Who surprised you with their support? On Thursday he had lunch with Carrió…

—I had the support of everyone, Elisa Carrió supported me unconditionally, Santilli from the beginning, Ritondo, Grindetti, Fernán Quirós, Jorge Macri, Patricia herself, who was one of the first, María Eugenia Vidal sent me some very heartfelt messages .

—What do you think of the appointment of Eugenio Burzaco as his replacement?

—I have known Eugenio for a long time. In the management of Patricia, who is obsessed with work, I also worked with him (he was Vice Minister of Security) and I have a good relationship. He is going to display all the knowledge of him. In addition, the entire team that has been working is going to stay and he is going to continue working with the same enthusiasm and professionalism.

Do you regret the trip to Lago Escondido with Grupo Clarín, judges and prosecutors?

“No, I didn’t commit any crime. There were people I met 25 years ago and others I met there. As Minister of Security, what can I give Clarín? A policeman at the door? It’s ridiculous. I paid my expenses, it’s proven, present the invoices. It is more serious that the PSA has listings to spread. We were not hidden.

Possible complainant in Lago Escondido

*Alfredo Izaguirre

With the decision of the Federal Court of Cassation to send the file to Comodoro Py, it is expected that this week the case investigating the trip of several judges, prosecutors, businessmen and government officials from Buenos Aires to the stay of British magnate Joe Lewis will be reactivated. Located in Hidden Lake.

In this context, it is not ruled out that possibly Marcelo D’Alessandro, also implicated, may request to join as particularly affected.

It is that Chamber I of the highest criminal court in the country resolved in a week the question of competence locked by the chambermaid Eduardo Farah, after the subrogative federal judge of Bariloche, Gustavo Villanueva, refused to send the file to Comodoro Py.

The cause gained strength at the end of last year, after various chats between the participants of the trip were reported in the media, including magistrates Julián Ercolini, Pablo Yadarola and Pablo Cayssials, the Buenos Aires attorney general Juan Bautista Mahiques and the now ex-minister of Security and Justice of the City Marcelo D’Alessandro.

At the beginning of December, magistrate Yadarola filed a complaint to investigate the adulteration of said messages and required, through a motion for inhibition, that the case be investigated on Buenos Aires soil.

Villanueva supported his decision by understanding that the file must be processed in the same jurisdiction where the investigation was launched, where various evidence measures were also provided and the question was raised as to whether said trip was financed by the defendants or by third parties.

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