Mario Boskis: “AI is accurate in recognizing tumor patterns”

the doctor mario boskis commented on several studies that even compared the performance of professional doctors with that of one artificial intelligence to make diagnoses. “AI is extremely accurate at recognizing patterns that the human eye may not be able to recognize,” he said in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

Does artificial intelligence have an “ace up its sleeve” for medical treatments?

Without a doubt. I have been seeing this coming, we analyzed it and talked with colleagues. We are looking forward to seeing many of the applications, how much of this really will help significantly in this and other areas.

In medicine it is already being used, for example, in the diagnosis of diseases. The artificial intelligence It allows to help, in a faster and more accurate way than the human being to recognize images, for example.

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There is a very interesting study published in the journal Nature, in which two populations were taken, one of highly trained echocardiographers, against an artificial intelligence, to see who was more reliable in making diagnoses. Surprisingly, artificial intelligence was more accurate in making echocardiogram diagnoses. besides, could do it in a fraction of the time humans.

Imagine the stir this created. It was also tested in other types of studies, in which artificial intelligence can see images in cardiac resonances, but also in other specialties, such as to recognize tumors. Artificial intelligence is highly accurate in recognizing tumor patterns.

Artificial intelligence has been shown to be highly accurate in recognizing patterns that the human eye may not be able to recognize.

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Could it serve to further extend longevity?

That’s what it’s all about. Medicine today seeks to live longer and live better. There is a lot of work going on in genetic engineering, with clinical trials, how can we do to improve longevity.

It is being investigated why biological we have a watch that, after all, has an expiration date. Of course, We are going to study from the simplest to the most complex. We start with the cells, then we move on to the tissues, then to the organs and finally to the human being.

Artificial intelligence provides the possibility of analyzing millions and millions of data that you are provided with clinical trials, analyzing patterns and arriving at results that regular computer programs cannot do.

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In this way, without a doubt, they can help the production of drugs that inhibit the occurrence of cell death and prolong longevity. I am giving an example where research with artificial intelligence can prolong life.

Imagine in the future hospitals that, instead of doctors, have artificial intelligence operators?

That is one of the great themes that is being touched on. Medical meetings are held in various congresses where the same question is discussed.

I think artificial intelligence It should be a tool that helps the doctor. I don’t think it can replace the experience and judgment of a professional. Without a doubt, he is going to help significantly, and is already doing so, in hospitals.

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In American clinics they are already using it for repetitive tasks, such as writing medical histories, which is usually a tedious task, because it has a lot of data. Artificial intelligence, with the oral and written language processing that it has, can perfectly write it, share it, and use it to create huge databasesto see disease patterns, etc.

I also read a very interesting report. Close to seven million electrocardiograms from all types of patients were incorporated and the artificial intelligence was told to recognize common patterns. They came to detect prognoses of which patients could be developed in the future heart failure or complex arrhythmias.

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That is a very important contribution, the possibility of predicting diseases.


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