Matías Soulé was self-critical despite the win: “We don’t have to trust each other”

The striker of the Argentina Sub-20 team, matias souledoes not want the team to lose sight of the main objective, after the 3-0 win against Guatemala which meant qualifying for the round of 16.

“We are happy with the classification, but no need to relaxYou have to go out and play the last game like these two,” he said. soul at a press conference from the Mother of Cities of Santiago del Estero. “we don’t have to trustWe are happy, but we have to continue like this”, insisted the attacker of the juventus from Italy.

soul He also highlighted the game of the team led by Javier Mascherano: “we had more of the ball this time. It’s good that the rival was another and the first game was difficult, but as the games go by we will improve”.

In this sense, the small societies on the pitch with Valentine Boat and Valentine Carboni: “Luckily there are good matches on the pitch with ”Colo” and Valentín. We are a very good group, very nice and I hope everything stays this way“, he claimed.