Mauricio Macri and a shocking revelation: “Guardiola would love to go to Boca”

The picture of Mauricio Macri With Pep Guardiola and others close to the Spanish coach after the triumph of the manchester city about him real Madrid in the semifinals of the Champions League a lot of commotion ends and the former president xeneize referred to that meeting.

After the official presentation of Andres Ibarra as a candidate for the presidential elections in mouth, formula of which will be part macrithe former president of the nation touched various topics around the world xeneize.

I am going to confess something to you”released in TyC Sports to start talking about the Spanish DT: “When Guardiola was at Barcelona B at the time Coco Basile left us, he received a call saying ‘Guardiola would like to think about Boca’, that there was a mutual friend. He had never directed in First…”.

This means that everyone likes Boca, especially if it conveys seriousness. If there was something I shouldn’t worry about, it was finding a coach because everyone jumped on me and wanted to come”, he added.

Then macri referred to how that meeting with guardiola after the classification of the English team to the maximum appointment of the European tournament.

The scarf was not from Manchester City, it was from Argentina. He invited me to the president, who is a friend and he invited me to accompany him. I told Florentino Pérez that I was in favor of City because last year they had won a Champions League that looked like it was from Hollywood because of how the games turned around. It looked like Boca, not Real Madrid”, Macri closed.