Máximo Kirchner will travel to China with Sergio Massa

Deputy Máximo Kirchner will be part of the entourage that will travel to China next week together with Economy Minister Sergio Massa. The flight is scheduled for May 28 and the return for June 5. The cities to visit will be Beijing and Shanghai.

The trip becomes relevant because it will be in the days after Cristina Kirchner’s act in Plaza de Mayo where political definitions are expected regarding the possible candidate for President for the ruling party, which has Massa as a possible competitor, but who also participates in that competition. the also minister and leader of La Cámpora, Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro.

This trip will be the first that the son of the vice president will make outside the country, not only in this administration, but in his entire life, for which he would be opening his passport. His father, Néstor Kirchner, only had his passport released when he was elected president of the Nation.

A direct flight to China lasts around 28 hours, so it is speculated that there will be plenty of time for both leaders to talk about the electoral future of the Frente de Todos and the repercussions of the act in Plaza de Mayo, where Cristina Kirchner is expected to signs about who could be, for her, the candidate of Kirchenrismo.

Massa is a key ally within the Frente de Todos and intends to assert his specific weight in the negotiations for the lists at the national level and also in the province of Buenos Aires.

The closing of the lists is scheduled for June 24, so after the return of the entourage there will only be 20 days left to define who will be the candidate for president of the Frente de Todos. Some parts will come out of that trip.

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