Mery del Cerro shared a musical show by her daughters Mila and Cala: “They are for dancing

This weekend was different in the home of the actress Mary of the hill. the famous model He shared several stories with his fans on Instagram where he made it clear that his two daughters, Mila and Cala inherited the talent and skills of their parents.

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, Mary of the hill enjoyed with her husband, the DJ Meme Bouquet, from a private family show by his eldest daughter Mila who danced and sang in a way never seen before.

Cala, the youngest of the family, also joined the show, but she was very focused on the dance part. Like father Like Son. The two girls leave a show full of talent that according to the actress, abandoned her “gaze” with such tenderness and skills for dancing and singing.

The artistic show was sponsored by Meme Bouquet. The only man in Mery del Cerro’s home joined her two daughters and accompanied them in the choreography and singing. “They are for Dancing”added the actress, very proud of the talented family she has.

Mery del Cerro wears the Bralette trend with an open blazer with style

The beautiful model, Mery Del Cerro, stood out at the premiere of the China Suárez film, “Objects”, by wearing an elegant and sophisticated look that captured all eyes. For the occasion, Mery opted for a set that perfectly combined sensuality and style.

On top, she wore an eye-catching black lace bralette that flattered her slender figure and enhanced her natural beauty. Complementing her outfit, she chose an oversized sweater dress that provided a touch of comfort and at the same time added a chic air to the outfit..

Mery del Cerro showed the hidden talent of her two daughters: “They are for dancing”
Mery del Cerro showed the hidden talent of her two daughters:
Mery del Cerro showed the hidden talent of her two daughters: “They are for dancing.”

The distinctive detail was provided by the aubergine-colored velvet palazzo that matches her velvet blazer in the same tone, which added a touch of extravagance and elegance at the same time. Mary of the hill He once again left his impeccable sense of fashion by creating a set that masterfully combined audacity and glamor, making it clear why he is considered one of the benchmarks of style in Argentina.


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