Montenegro fights in Justice against Grabois for the transfer of land

The fight that involves an NGO related to Juan Grabois and Guillermo Montenegro, mayor of Mar del Plata, for the occupation of 140 hectares in the El Marquesado neighborhood, promises to continue but in the Justice, with crossed complaints about legality and possession of the land. The Government took a position from the start, with full support for the initiative of the social group.

The issue dominated the public agenda as a result of the caliber of the protagonists and after the Agency for the Administration of State Assets (Aabe) authorized the NGO Tercer Tiempo, closely linked to Grabois, to “carry forward a Project of Agroecological Production where rural producers from the city’s fruit and vegetable area will work, which will allow local supply of quality food”.

The news unleashed the malaise of the municipality, which saw in the disposition of the state agency a totally illegal movement and questioned the organization with the social leader.

For this reason, he filed a criminal complaint, with the signature of the communal chief of Juntos por el Cambio, although beyond the possibility that a judge would reverse the transfer and a “permanent” contact with the inhabitants concerned about what could happen. in the neighborhood, from the mayor’s office he demonstrated before this medium that they cannot take higher cards in the matter because the property is national. “It’s like giving La Rambla to La Cámpora,” argued PRO senator Alejandro Rabinovich, Montenegro’s right-hand man.

As for what is happening today on the land, in the last hours Alena Kitaeva, a neighbor of the area, decided to face an accusation for illicit association constituted for the commission of the crimes of usurpation and disturbance of the possession of lots. The text mentions Marcelo Bolonio, Daiana María Merino Mesutti –inhabitants of El Marquesado– and Diego Naveyra –shareholder of the Sierra Leone Sacif company–.

According to the complaint, to which PROFILE had access, the accusation for fraud, the use of false private instruments, threats and abuse of weapons, among others, is included. In turn, it affirms that the defendants “constitute a criminal organization, each one fulfilling certain roles, to which is added an institutional cover for the violent usurpation of the Association of Development of the Marquesado neighborhood.”

The Government, for now, supports the NGO. This was established by Gabriela Carpineti, national director of Promotion and Strengthening for Access to Justice, part of the Patria Grande Front led by Grabois, who highlighted the “transparency” of the transfer, criticizing Montenegro for its intention to build a real estate complexes.

Also, he anticipated that the Province will sign agreements to provide technical support, together with national and academic entities, so that the Tercer Tiempo proposal becomes a reality. And that this type of venture “can be replicated” in the country.

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