Mothers in Distress: The Daughters’ Rebellion

That the relationships between mother and daughter are very particular and can go through critical moments is not new. However, when the conflict becomes public and is under the magnifying glass of thousands of people, new pains that were under the surface can emerge.

In recent days, three mother-daughter ties and their media fights have been in full view and scrutiny of all public opinion: loneliness aquino and Candelaria Tinelli; nicole neuman my Indiana; and Lucila “La Tora” Villarof “Big Brother”and his mom Gladys. Background and exposure of one of the deepest family relationships.

teen mode. Since Nicole Neumann separated in 2017 from Fabian Cubero, father of his three daughters, Indiana, Allegra and Sienna, his relationship as ex lives in conflict, despite the fact that each one formed their new partners. Although Neumann and Cubero have a shared visitation regime, it recently emerged that 14-year-old Indiana would rather spend more time living with the former soccer player than with the model. In fact, the teenager did not want to go on the last family trips of Nicole and her future husband, “Manu” Urcera, and her sisters, to Europe.

“The relationship between mother and daughter are usually based on ambivalencethere are needs and feelings that are in contradiction, because there is a great emotional intensity in which attachment and the need for autonomy are expressed at the same time”, he explains analia fortiMaster in Social Psychology and Bachelor of Science for the Family.

The specialist, who is also a psychological consultant and family mediator, added that in adolescence “the conflict of the bond deepens because the daughter goes in search of her autonomy and she distances herself from the mother to whom she was dependently attached as a child”.

Nicole, however, denies that there is a problem with her eldest daughter and assures that the reason Indiana did not travel with them was because “she had school subjects” and she has “a phobia of airplanes.” Sources close to the family maintain that the tension in the relationship is due to the fact that the jury of “The Eight Steps” is very strict when it comes to setting limits on the adolescent regarding studying and eating a healthy diet, while the father it is more flexible.

Another explosive case was that of Candelaria Tinelli and her mother, Soledad Aquino. The bad relationship between the two came to light after Candelaria, 32, participated as a panelist in “JUSTICE”where he made strong statements about Marcelo Tinelli’s last partner, Guillermina Valdés, assuring that she was “controlling” and “didn’t do her dad any good.”

Later, Aquino spoke on the Net TV program “Messymen” and not only said that she did not like that her daughter was part of the American cycle because she found it “greasy”, but also revealed insiders about the love relationship that Candelaria had with singer Coti Sorokin, to which the girl with the tattoos responded via Instagram: “Hahahahaha. I don’t take care of anything mom says. I don’t think like her at all.” And she added: “I don’t want to speak ill of my old lady, but clearly know that we do not get along and we think very differently”.

Regarding the exposure of conflicts, Forti tells NEWS: “It is a time to show and expose intimacy and when emotional issues and ties are involved, it is usually better to preserve privacy and manage them in the private sphere, because the word can cause a lot of damage and the exposure leads to public opinion on private matters and that always has a high cost”.

Tinelli’s first wife and mother of Micaela and Candelaria assured after the media fight that they had already reconciled and made a clean slate, but Cande did not speak of Aquino again.

Finally, there is the case of Lucila Villar, known as “La Tora”, a participant in “Big Brother”, who received her mother Gladys as a guest for a few days in “the most famous house in the country” and revealed the problems in your relationship. In fact, on social networks they accused the blonde of publicly mistreating her mother in the most watched program on television.

After being eliminated from the reality show, the former participant explained that the conflicts between them had to do with coexistence: “I am an adult girl and I want my space to live alone. I don’t want to live with my mom, ”she said. In addition, she assured that she weighed on the exposure of the bond because “they do not have a perfect relationship” and she hinted at certain unfinished business from the past.

The origin. About how these family relationships are perceived, Fonti says: “The perfect mother-daughter relationship does not exist, as Donald Winnicott said: what is possible is to be a ‘good enough’ mother‘”.

Regarding some of the points that can break these types of ties, the professional listed: “When the mother acts as a mirror and gives back to the daughter a reflection in which she does not want to recognize herself and a feeling of rejection is generated in her; when mothers intend to continue relating to their young daughters as when they were children; disagreements from the past that were not resolved and remain latent; and when hierarchies are altered and mothers want to be friends with their daughters”.

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