Pediatric checkups for social engagement

Among the actions that generate a positive impact on quality of life, we integrate a comprehensive pediatric campaign that we have called super sanitos and whose Fifth edition we will carry on at the beginning of June.

Annually, this initiative consists of intensive days that include the development of pediatric, nutritional, ophthalmological, otorhinolaryngological, audiological and dental examinations for initial, primary and secondary level students of the institutions that make up the Educational Park “Barrio 1° de Mayo” that we sponsor in Puerto Iguazúin the province of Misiones.

This is a proposal that we carry out in coordination with the provincial government to which it adds its valuable professional participation in public and private health, both locally and from other parts of the country.

This type of operation plays a preponderant role in well-being. Indeed, constituting coordinated efforts directed at the prevention and treatment of diseases in the child population, an advantage that this action leads to thanks to the implementation of a mobile vaccination in which each student can complete their vaccination schedule.

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The check-ups carried out during the campaign represent a key opportunity in early detection, guaranteeing timely diagnoses and treatments that improve the chances of success in the management of various conditions. In this line of action, the continuity of the program is crucial, as well as the follow-up that we carry out throughout the year in each of the cases with detected pathologies.

The initiative has an implication that goes beyond the specific approach to health and I intend to transcend it by structuring different educational tools, for example conferences and workshops on health prevention and other fundamental aspects for healthy development —such as nutrition and sexual education—, which are designed not only for students but also for their families.

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to implement super sanitosfrom the Foundation We decided to focus on the communities that are going through the most adversity circumstances, to directly reach people from families in vulnerable situations for whom accessing this type of care is not always a priority.

With the concrete results produced by the more than five years of implementation of the campaign, we are certain that this is the path that every organization must take in commitment to people and in coordination with the public sector, to transcend the merely productive function. and motorize a positive transformation in the community that integrates

It is crucial that organizations and companies carry out their activities in full connection with the community and the environment in which they operate.

With this objective, each organization assumes a role of active participation from what is normally called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or social duty, as we prefer to call it in the London Supply Group Foundation.

By virtue of this premise, that is, to work in favor of the well-being of the people who live and work around each of our commercial projects, we adopt a collaborative action both with those who inhabit the neighborhoods, cities and communes, as well as with the different levels of the State and other actors from the private sector who share our vision.

Based on these alliances, then, we aim to materialize various projections focused on sustainability and the development of different communities throughout Argentina.

*Director of Institutional Affairs at London Supply Group and director of the London Supply Group Foundation.

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