Pékerman revealed why he didn’t put Messi against Germany in 2006: “A decision had to be made”

In the first chapter of confessions by sports tnt, Hugo Tocalli and joseph pekerman They remembered their past Argentine national team and the ex DT of the albiceleste told why he left in the bank Lionel Messi in the defeat against germany in the 2006 World Cup for the quarterfinals.

“I never saw the game against Germany again, I have it very clear. We lost on penalties but we played well, the players were convinced. Leo (Messi) was so sad, but he had so much time to reverse that situation… he arrived with just enough because he was 18 years old, he turned 19 in the World Cup,” Pékerman began by saying.

Then we found that he had to make modifications that were not on the planes: “We had things that almost never happen, Abbondanzieri was injured, Crespo, I saw Román a little tired. A game like this took place, with three changes, there were not five like now, and a decision had to be made“.

It is worth remembering that the former coach of the national team, in that match had to replace the goalkeeper first, then Hernán Crespo and finally he took out Juan Román Riquelme.

At a given moment, in an almost defined game, we tie… those things sometimes make one have a last change and have to make a decision”, closed on the subject Pékerman.