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The classics are not to be missed. Under this premise one understands the serenity with which the Belgrano fans undertook the withdrawal of the Gigante de Alberdi after the tense and changing 1-1 against Talleres, for the 17th date of the Professional League Tournament. “We got a kick out of it”, commented a ‘Pirata’ in the middle of the return procession, in the middle of Arturo Orgaz street. His interlocutor did not seem to be very convinced. On the other side of the city, in the Jardín neighborhood, the comments about the result will not have been so different. Those ambiguous sensations that always leave an equality.

Who does the point serve the most? There the discussion will probably transcend the times of a walk. To Belgrano, who had just lost to Boca? To Talleres, who arrived with the shipment of three consecutive victories? There also comes to carve the theme of the town. Is being a host an advantage or an extra pressure? Does being a foreigner mean giving up any ambition? Several questions, for a few coffee talks.

It was the 23rd game that Belgrano and Talleres played in the highest division of Argentine soccer. The history was left with five wins for each one and 13 draws.

The permanence in the Cup zone (Sudamericana, for Belgrano; Libertadores, for Talleres) is one of the certainties that both teams took away from the game that was played in front of 35,000 sky-blue supporters and that had many of the condiments that one expects to savor in a soccer classic. This time it will not be the typical duel where need and fear will end up winning by a landslide. Draw, but much honor.

split in four

Like a basketball game, the classic is divided into quarters. The first was the most attractive from a tactical point of view, and also because of the changeability of the actions. The unknown of how Guillermo Farré would set up the midfield only developed in the minutes before the game, when from the stands they warned that Ibrahím Hesar was warming up beforehand in the lot where the names that were fixed to play from the start predominated.

The entry of ‘el Turco’ from the left, similar to the announced inclusion of Gabriel Compagnucci from the right, would try to give Belgrano more balance to the team and more support for the wings, so that they would not have to deal alone with speed by Diego Valoyes and Ramón Sosa.

The system imposed new obligations on Ulises Sánchez, who managed to help Santiago Longo in the ‘double five’ and try to generate some play so that the ball would reach Pablo Vegetti. Bruno Zapelli, on the other hand, had a hard time finding his place in the rectangular world of grass. He came and went, like the unpredictable Wi-Fi signal from the Giant’s press booths.

Pablo Vegetti reached ten goals in the Professional League Tournament. He equals Michael Santos, who missed a penalty and couldn’t add to his harvest.

It was difficult for Talleres to play his favorite game -splitting the field in two, dispensing with touching in the flyer area- and that showed him discomfort. Even so, he had the first chance of the game, through a delivery from Rodrigo Garro. Vegetti and Compagnucci became uncomfortable at the bottom of the ‘T’, which in the midst of the confusion managed to put Sosa in his best scenario, the speed dribble on the edge of the opponent’s area, and earn a penalty.

Michael Santos went for his first conquest since the twelve steps, but once again he wanted to celebrate. Nahuel Losada guessed his intentions and zero did not move. That action lowered the blind to the first leg of the match.

BT 2

high voltage

Suddenly, Talleres dropped the signal. And warned of the impact that the ill-fated honeycomb had represented for his adversary, Belgrano decidedly put the game on visiting ground. First it was Guido Herrera who drowned out Hesar’s goal cry. Then Vegetti, with a header, capsized in the albiazul bottom.

The third time would be the charm: Compagnucci’s corner to the near post, Vegetti’s touch and Alberdi was delirious. At the touch, Fernando Rapallini’s whistle, an invitation to rest and to reconsider, would put an end to the best episode of Celeste.

At the return of the game the best ticket from Talleres would arrive. With Gandolfi’s adjustments -Pasquini for Portillo and Nahuel Bustos for Ortigoza-, the Albiazul seemed more comfortable with the opportunities offered by the party. He made himself wide in attack, with two wingers and two wingers, delayed Garro so that he had more scope to show off his talent, and left Rodrigo Villagra standing well in the center circle, where he ended up doing ‘wide leg’ .

In the 2023 Annual Table, Talleres occupies the qualifying position for the Copa Libertadores and Belgrano is among the batch of teams that enter the Copa Sudamericana.

Valoyes, indecipherable for Ibacache, was the architect of almost all the offensive plays of the ‘T’, who found the tie after 8 minutes, through a great goal from Bustos. The author of the tie had two other clear chances to turn history around, and Santos was not far behind. It was that section of the classic that ended up turning Nahuel Losada into a figure.

As had happened in the first half, an intervention by the local goalkeeper would end up acting as a hinge. That was the beginning of the time where he began to carve wear, caution, conformism. Headed towards a tie, the clásico gave Talleres one more chance, in a counterattack by Sosa that Rébola cut with a free kick to earn the red card. The play did not prosper.

When the clock inevitably advanced towards the horizon of the added eight minutes, Gandolfi and Farré anticipated the final greeting. Rapallini, who was hanging around nearby, understood that nothing was going to change anymore. Last whistle and something else. All happy. Or settle. The classics are not to be missed.

Summary of the party

Belgrano (1): Nahuel Losada; Juan Barinaga, Alejandro Rébola, Nicolás Meriano and Matías Ibacache; Gabriel Compagnucci, Santiago Longo, Ulises Sánchez and Ibrahim Hesar; Bruno Zapelli; Pablo Vegetatti. DT: Guillermo Farre.

Workshops (1): Guido Herrera; Gastón Benavídez, Matías Catalán, Lucas Suárez and Juan Portillo; Rodrigo Villagra and Diego Ortega; Diego Valoyes, Rodrigo Garro and Ramón Sosa; Miguel Santos. DT: Javier Gandolfi.

Goals: PT, 46m Vegetti (B). ST, 8m Nahuel Bustos (T).

Changes: ST, beginning, Bustos by Ortegoza (T) and Nicolás Pasquini by Portillo (T); 27m Iván Ramírez for Hesar (B) and Lucas Diarte for Ibacache (B); 33m Alan Franco for Garro (T); 37m José Romero for Santos (T); 39m Franco Jara by Zapelli 8B); 46m Guillermo Pereira for Sánchez (B); 50m Francisco Pizzini by Valoyes (T).

Admonished: Sanchez (B); Gate (T). expelled: ST, 44m Rebola (B).

incidence: PT, 26m Losada (B) saved a penalty from Santos (T).

Basketball court: Belgrano. Referee: Fernando Rapallini.

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