RadioProfile | Juan Manuel Fangio: the memory of his first victory in Formula 1

On May 21, 1950 Juan Manuel Fangio started his first Formula 1 victory in Monaco

The best Argentine driver of all time won the first Monaco Grand Prix that was held within the framework of the Formula 1 World Championship.

Juan Manuel Fangio was born on June 24, 1911 in Balcarce, Buenos Aires province, and during his childhood he began in the world of motorsports.

In 1938 he made his debut in Turismo Carretera and was a two-time champion aboard a Chevrolet coupe, the brand’s first titles in the main Argentine motor racing competition.

Years later, in 1947, he traveled to Europe with the support of the Automovil Club Argentino to compete in the Grand Prix of the old continent.

The Grand Prix races originated in France and have been organized since 1894. The rules, competition circuits and organizing countries have grown over the years and in 1947, after World War II, the regulatory body was reorganized under the name International Automobile Federation.

Fangio competed in some 1948 Grand Prix and in 1949 he won five races in the six Grand Prix they participated in.

In 1950 the International Automobile Federation will reduce several Grand Prix and establish a scoring system to create the World Drivers Championship.

The set of rules established for cars and drivers was known as “Formula”, a name that would end up baptizing the highest category of world motorsport.

The first Formula 1 World Championship had its inaugural race on May 13, 1950 at the Silverstone Circuit, England. Juan Manuel Fangio was a great protagonist until a problem with his car’s engine forced him to retire with seven laps to go.

Fangio had entered the official Alfa Romeo team along with Luigi Fagioli and Giuseppe Farina, who won the first Formula 1 race at Silverstone.

Eight days later, on May 21, Juan Manuel Fangio would win the Monaco Grand Prix, claiming his first scoring victory in the category.

The Argentine took pole position and ended up winning first place after completing 100 laps of a race conditioned by an accident in the initial section.

Fangio engraved his name in motorsport history as the first winner of the Monaco Grand Prix in Formula 1, and also the first Argentine to win a race in the category.

After his triumph in Monte Carlo Frangio would also win the Grand Prix of Switzerland, France and Italy, however he would finish the championship being World Runner-up, only surpassed by his teammate Giuseppe Farina.

Fangio began his laureate career in Formula 1 that season, winning five world titles to establish himself as one of the greatest world motorsport drivers of all time.

On May 21, 1950, Juan Manuel Fangio started his first Formula 1 victory in Monaco.

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by Nicolas Ziccardi

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