RadioProfile | The compatibility of spiritual life with work

It is possible to practice a spiritual path while developing your career in a healthy and harmonious way. In fact, a large part of making it harmonious has to do with this.

We don’t need to deny ourselves our spirituality as we focus on the office, the business, the entrepreneurship, even though working and having a spiritual life can be extremely challenging.

A commitment to a career can coexist peacefully with a commitment to soul development as long as we approach each with poise and determination.

The career or work will tend to occupy a large amount of time, often making the space to develop this type of practice difficult, which are precisely the ones that will provide you with tools to have peace and tranquility, balance when facing challenges.

Taking advantage of downtime could be an option, that time it takes you to get to the office while you travel, during the journey, being able to observe nature with new eyes, listen to calm music or some guided meditation audio, or read and write, if necessary. that you travel on public transport or someone drives you.

Take advantage of start times in the morning and towards the end of the afternoon. Or schedule body therapies or therapeutic activities, as a gift that you can give yourself during the weekend. Something that makes you feel rejuvenated and calm.

You can also set up a conscious work space, which can be in your work space, with sacred objects that have meaning for you, or with photos, stones, an image that evokes peace, hope and faith in you.

It is possible that at first they look at you strangely at the office, however, when you are a bearer of good energy, they may want to know how you do it and what you do.

Learning to live without expectations and accepting where we are right now can also be an excellent spiritual practice. While you search in peace and tranquility for the possible exit. Stop demanding perfection is a good exercise.

Regardless of what you choose, always keep in mind that each person has their own spiritual values ​​and they do not have to interfere with your work. As a contributor, your spiritual self is one of the many strengths you bring to the table. Simply by approaching projects, goals, and interpersonal relationships in the workplace with intention, you can seek individual fulfillment while doing your part to gently promote a healthy and harmonious work environment.

Do not be afraid or judgmental in speaking and mention this word, it is thanks to how we feel that our life can be peaceful or chaotic.

by Paula Cabalen

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