Roberto Mancini surrendered to Mateo Retegui after his successful debut with the Italian National Team

This Sunday, March 26, the Italy national team returned to the path of victory after beating his counterpart from Malta 2-0 in a commitment in which, matthew retegui he was in charge of scoring a goal, the second since his debut with the European team.

Faced with this situation, the coach of the Italian national team, Roberto Mancini He filled Tigre’s attacker with praise and also appeared quite satisfied with the work he has done in both games.

He is a goalscorer, we were looking for him and we found him. He opened the game, so he was fundamental”, he said at a press conference after the victory for the qualifying duel for the Eurocup.

Of equal way, the director of the azzurra also showed quite sensible. “Let’s remember that he needs time, he still needs to get to know his teammates and European football,” pointed out.