Rodríguez Saá announced that Jorge Fernández will be the candidate for governor of the San Luis ruling party

The governors of Peronism they are moving their pieces to try to maintain dominance in their districtssurfing the terrible image that the national management of the Frente de Todos has, and in San Luis Alberto Rodríguez Saá set the provincial election for Sunday June 11and this Friday he made official that He will not be the candidate for the official sub-motto, but will delegate that role to Jorge ‘Gato’ Fernández, a name long associated with the power of San Luis, even at one time in conflict with Rodríguez Saá..

The announcement was made by the president himself, on the San Luis Channel 13 newscast, where he defined Fernández as a “good family man, a criollo capable of building bridges and getting away from the crack”.

“Jorge is a person who is going to generate a great change, responsible and at the time that we were political adversaries he knew how to be very respectful and knows how to listen,” Rodríguez Saá recalled his clashes with Fernández, who was mayor of Tilisarao, and since January 2021 he was a member of the Superior Court of Justice, the highest judicial body in the province.

Fernández is 63 years old, he was also Minister of Public Works and secretary of the different governments of the current governor, he also served two terms as a provincial senator for the Chacabuco department.

Rodríguez Saá made official that the elections in his province will be on Sunday, June 11, under the Lemas electoral system. It remains to define who will head the other sublemmas that will compete on the list of the Justicialista Party. To focus on his new role, Fernández resigned this Friday as a member of the Superior Court of Justice.

“Fernández is going to represent the provincial officialism and many municipal officialisms, as well as the parties Justicialista, Federal Commitment, Union and Liberty, Movipro and countless groups and expressions from different sectors of the community”, closed Rodríguez Saá.

The elections in Río Negro, on April 16

Meanwhile, also in the last hours it was learned that Río Negro held its provincial elections on Sunday, April 16. Governor Arabela Carreras made the decree that calls for provincial elections, in which the Rio Negros, in addition to the president and vice president, will elect 46 legislators.

Carreras joined the governors who are withdrawing from the national election, and the Río Negro code states that local elections must be held “between the months of April and October of the expiration year of the mandates” and clarifies that “in case of opting for the simultaneous realization with the national elections, the Decree of convocation must express that the election will be carried out subject to National Law No. 15,262 and the National Electoral Code”.

The current list: primaries in La Pampa on February 12

In this way, Río Negro joins the list of provinces that will unfold their elections this year, but it will not be the first: La Pampa will have its primaries on February 12 and the general ones on May 14. Regarding Neuquén, as Río Negro will vote on April 16; while on May 7 it will be the turn of Jujuy and Misiones; and a week later, on May 14, Salta, San Juan and Tucumán will vote.

The list will continue on June 11 with the announcement of San Luis, and also the ultra-Christian Jorge Capitanich anticipated the Chaco election to the national date, setting it for September 17. Meanwhile, although the date was not made official, there will also be early elections in Santa Fe (provincial Law 12,367 determines that the elections must be held between 42 and 80 days before the national ones); and Tierra del Fuego (the provincial Constitution orders that the date be different from the national one).

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