Russian pregnant women in the country: how the case investigating illegal agencies is progressing

After a few months, the research about the agencies that charge for the service of sending pregnant Russian citizens to Argentina to have their children in the country.

the federal judge María Servini possibly several judicial raids in clinics where these patients were treated, as well as in hotels where they stayed and in law firms where they did the paperwork to obtain the Citizenship Charter.

The Servini investigation with the intervention of the prosecutor federico delgado began in December after a complaint by a Russian citizen who alerted about the operation of agencies that, in addition to bringing women to give birth to the country, obtain the necessary documentation to obtain the Argentine passport.

This document has an important value because it allows Russians to enter many countries without a visa. Thus it is that several gangs are disrupted. Among them, the agency kuklinathat proposes three types of services with prices of 3,500, 7,500 and 15,000 dollars.

Others provided the full service for $30,000 and up to Fee agreements were found between Russians and lawyers for figures ranging from $3,000 to $5,000.

While there are about 1,200 cases under study and investigation, In the case there are no Migration personnel under scrutiny. The National Directorate of Migrations even asked to be a plaintiff in the case, something that Judge Servini rejected.

The Government reported to Justice a mafia organization

The Director of Migrations, florence carignano, revealed on his Twitter account the course of a investigation, which among other things consisted of interviewing 350 Russian pregnant women who arrived in the country.

“In the interviews we discovered that this organization offers them a change of a significant sum, a tourism package partly with the Argentine passport as the main reason for the trip. We have already provided the data to the federal courts to continue taking care of our passport”

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