San Lorenzo and Huracán matched in the women’s football classic

This Saturday March 18 at the Pedro Bidegain stadium, San Lorenzo and Hurricane equalized without goals in a match corresponding to the fourth date of the Women’s Soccer Championship 2023.

This match was authorized to be played on the main field of the blaugrana club and It was played behind closed doors but was attended by Germán Portanova, coach of the women’s team, and Rubén Darío Insúa, coach of the men’s first team.

The match during the first period was quite even despite the efforts of the home team to go ahead. It is worth adding that the Globo goalkeeper, Abigail Chávez, took good care of her goal in the first moments of the crossing.

Already with the respective modifications, in the complementary period the teams did not find a way to make a difference and finally the score remained zero.

On the following day, the Santitas will be measured against River Plate, while Huracán will do the same against Boca Juniors as a local.