Santi Maratea reappeared on the networks and chicaned Flavio Azzaro: “I was with the wife of a journalist”

Santiago Maratea He reappeared on social networks after several days of absence and announced that he was able to put part of the money that was collected in the collection to pay to help Independent.

However, in his first Instagram stories he threw a stick at a journalist, which would be Flavio Azarowho, through his Twitter account, joked by changing the lyrics to a field song: “Maratea, Maratea… Maratea erased herself, she took all the twine…”.

Immediately afterwards, the influencer spoke to the journalist: “I apologize, I know I disappeared for 6 days…I was with the wife of a journalist”began. “I can’t tell you which one, but the name starts with F”added spicy.

Then Maratea continued: “Rumors suggest that I escaped with the money, or that it disappeared, or that there is less money. But the facts are that we are 15 million away from 800 million”. At the same time, he added to the video the screenshot of the official MercadoPago account where he showed the exact figure.

finished downloading, Azzaro lashed out again on his Twitter profile, where he wrote: “Appeared. But I see that it doesn’t grow much, huh. We are reaching the month and more than 8,000,000,000 mangoes are missing for what Santu promised. He said that in 5 weeks if he didn’t put it together it was a failure. Will she make it to 1,000?“.