Santiago Cúneo: “If Massa leaves, the helicopter returns”

The director and renowned Peronist santiago cuneo spoke about the economic situation of the country and asserted that the sergio masa to the Ministry of Economy avoided an outbreak similar to the year 2001, when comparing the situation with the helicopter escape of ex-president Fernando De La Rúa.

If Sergio Massa leaves the Government, the helicopter returns“, was the forceful definition that Cúneo gave when asked about the situation in the country. Something similar had been expressed by the mayor jorge ferraresi days ago about the arrival of Massa in August 2022.

In those weeks, the sudden resignation of Martín Guzmán and the subsequent admission of Silvina Batakis to the Palacio de Hacienda meant dates of great turbulence for the Government, but above all for the national economy.

sergio masa

Cúneo drew a comparison with the social and economic state of 2001 and, like Ferraresi, he thought that the arrival of the former director of ANSES to take charge of the key button panel of the economy was an incentive to a situation that was getting out of hand. “Sergio took over one day before we left by helicopter. And if so. The Government was without reserves in the Central Bank, with a strong exchange rate run, with a significant increase in prices,” said the president of Avellaneda and now Edesur’s controller. AM 530.

Far from the Frente de Todos and an acid critic of Kirchnerism, Cúneo agreed in this analysis with the Cristinista Ferraresi but broadened his gaze towards the difficulties that the economy generates in society. “They believe that this causes political damage to Sergio Massa, but they are celebrating hunger, malnutrition, disinvestment, the lack of Armed Forces, the growth of drug trafficking,” he said.

They are celebrating a gruesome scene from an Argentina in decline“, he delved into his accusation regarding those who celebrate the complex situation in the country.

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Without giving names, they spoke of the communicators who criticized the Minister of Economy and insisted again with the idea that a resignation from Massa would complicate the scenario. “Massa took over the Ministry of Economy eight months ago and, as Ferraresi said, the helicopter has been one day away from arriving. But that helicopter that was one day away from arriving stopped and this 6.6% inflation, which many analog journalists considering the failure of Massa, If he took a step to the side, he could realize that it could become his success.“.

This week, Cúneo launched his presidential candidacy with the seal of the Labor Party. The video shows the inscription “Santiago Cúneo presidente” with an Argentine flag in the background and the “Malvinas March” as audio.

This is not the first time he has run for an executive position. In 2019 he tried to compete for the Buenos Aires governorship but due to a lack of votes he did not get to contest the general elections. Two years later he also wanted to be a national deputy, but the votes at the polls played a trick on him again.

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In addition to identifying with Peronism and being a businessman, he is the host of the program “Uno más Uno Tres”, where he analyzes Argentine politics with a constant load of insults against the national leadership. In September 2022, after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, used the decease opening a bottle of champagne live.


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