Scandal over racist songs against Vinicius Jr.

Valencia beat real Madrid 1-0 on Sunday May 21 and ensured their permanence in the highest category of Spanish football. However, this became secondary, published by Román Iucht in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

What happened was that Vinicius Jr. change detect the racist shouting from a group of Valencia fans who discriminated against him. Faced with that, the Madrid player said them and asked the referee to do something about it, but the match continued.

came jr was outraged by the situation, ended up arguing with some players from the rival team, soon after, and was expelled. But beyond a certain arrogance in his way of playing, it would be a serious mistake for the fans’ reaction to have to do with these comments.

Gesture against racism: they turned off the lights of Christ the Redeemer in support of Vinicius Jr

Once the game was over, the Real Madrid coach, Carlos Ancelotti, referred to what happened and assured that his player was not the culprit, but the victim. “He has followed the player and, furthermore, later he gave him a senseless red card,” he remarked.

“The League has a problem. These episodes of racism they have to stop the game, because it is not a single person screaming, as has happened many times. Here is a stadium that insults a player in a racist way. The match has to be stopped, there is no other way, because the image is very bad”, concluded Ancelotti.

While xaviBarcelona’s champion technical director, also reflected on it and stated that “This is the only sport where insults are accepted.. I am on the substitute bench and they call me in any way while I am working. It is time to stop all this, if there is an insult you should not play.”

After Vinícius was discharged, Valencia took a harsh measure against racist fans

then his own Vinicius Jr. He spoke through his social networks and said that he was very hurt by everything that was happening, feeling that this type of situation appeared on a recurring basis, without having much to defend himself.

The idea of racismLinked to ignorance, he has once again made himself present in Spanish football, triggering all kinds of controversies and some reflection to listen and repair.


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