Sebastián Villa’s defense crossed Daniela Cortés: “It is a false complaint”

lawyer martin apollodefender of sebastian villasaid that the accusation against the forward of Mouth for gender violence is one”falsely denounce“.

The word of the person making the complaint is not complete proof, but there are many elements of proof to which Cortés has referred“, the latter the former partner of the player whose lawyer requested his acquittal at today’s pleadings hearing in the Lomas de Zamora courts.

It is nothing new to take advantage of gender bias for allegations that are not true. That bias leads to believe false claims“, he pointed out and said that the threat that they put against Villa was not, either, who would have told his partner that April 27, 2020 that he was “going to ruin the lives of her and her family.”

“That did not exist and it was Sebastián Villa who left the house that day and a heated discussion cannot be interpreted as a coercive threat,” he added.

In this sense, the lawyer said that “ruining” Cortés’ life would be “cutting off his food,” that is, “Daniela Cortés’s father is going to stop having a new truck, she the last cell phone, that Villa stops paying her school to his daughter.

“There is some probability of proving something that was not done, for me it is unimaginable in a state of law,” Apolo said in that line.

Apolo recounted his version of the facts about the Villa-Cortés case

On April 27, 2020, “Villa told her that the relationship was over and she told him that she was not going to allow it, she demanded payment for a repatriation flight to Colombia and $150,000, otherwise she would ruin her career.” , said his lawyer about what happened that day in the house in the Saint Thomas neighborhood, in Canning, where they lived.

“He begins to pack his clothes to leave and Cortés, deploying his physical violence, breaks the door,” he added about that day, and said that she “threw his suitcase against the car” that went to look for him in Villa to transfer him to an apartment.

“Once he gets there, he relaxes, arranges his belongings and a while later, he notices that his passport is missing, so he decides to go back home to look for it” along with an assistant and “he did not see any marks, no blows no injury.” .