The AFA will have a high performance center in Santiago del Estero

With the aim of promoting work with the training divisions and recruiting players from different provinces, the Argentine Football Association works on the creation of a high performance center in Santiago del Estero.

The property is located in front of the Estadio Único Madre de Ciudadeswhere some matches of the Under 20 World Cup are currently being played, on the west side of the Puente Carretero, next to the 27 de Abril Hippodrome.

The building will have two floors, one for the Secretary of Sports and Recreationand another for the work of the AFA. besides, dispose of auxiliary courts inside the racing oval of the hippodromewhich will be linked through an underground access, as reported by the mother body of Argentine soccer.

The construction includes administrative areas, multipurpose rooms, a medical area, changing rooms, gym and a terrace also for sports use.

claudio tapiathe president of the AFA, and Javier Mascheranothe coach of the Under 20 team, shared a tour of the works that aim to be completed by the end of the year together with the governor of the province, Gerardo ZamoraIn addition to the coordinator of Youth Teams, bernard romeoand the Minister of Public Works, Aldo hid.