The ancient secrets of human DNA

A few days ago, we learned that an international consortium published a genetic eraser of humanity which for the first time includes the diversity of the species. It should be clear that the scope of this scientific achievement is great for the treatment of diseases.

What was achieved is a more potent alternative to DNAmade with the genetic sequences of 47 people from different regions of the planet.

Until now, the variations between individuals of different ethnicities or ancestral origins.

A scientific study to perfect characterize in detail the genetic origin of Argentines

Of course, this made laboratory analyzes more complex, so important variations in DNA between individuals were lost sight of.

Now, this Consortium worked on the DNA of various people and recently published the first draft of the human pangenome. Let’s say it with all the letters: This is the reference genome that best represents the population worldwide the day of the date.

The ancient secrets of human DNA

The Pangenome contains the complete DNA sequencingthat is, of the genomes of 47 people of different origins ancestral. These people come from different ethnicities all over the world. This increases the scarcity and improves the genetic representation of the human worldwide.

What is going to happen? That from now on, when the genetic information of a new patient is evaluated, it can be compared with the “pangenome” that will provide a much higher point of comparison to find and understand the differences in our DNA.
This new pangenome is estimated to be 34% more accurate identifying small variants.

This certainty is further enhanced, up to 104%, in the identification of large variations between different individuals.

On April 14, 2003, the map of the human genome was completed.

It is hoped that this will help to better understand the origin of genetic diseases and contribute to the diagnosis and follow-up of patients.

Researchers around the world can now use this reference pangenome to study our genetic diversity.

In addition, it will serve to improve the personalization of treatments and medical monitoring, particularly in areas such as cancerthe organ transplants and rare diseases (EPOF).

for the middle of 2024it is estimated that it will reach have a pangenome with a heritage of 350 individuals. This further reveals the genomic representation of humans globally.

These two recent milestones: the complete sequencing of the human genome and the presentation of the first pangenome will improve the understanding of genetic variations between people, both healthy and affected.

It will also improve genetic studies and its advances will have an impact in the areas of Genetics, Reproductive Medicine, Oncology, Neurology and Medicine in general.

Likewise, we hope that it sheds light on personalized health prevention measures that allow us to improve our expectation and quality of life.

*Coordinator of the Genetics Service of Grupo Procrearte

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