The Argentine National Team climbed to the top of the FIFA Ranking

After Brazil’s defeat against Morocco on Saturday, The Argentine National Team momentarily climbed to the top of the FIFA World Ranking for the first time since 2016 and beating Curaçao could guarantee said placement and the right to look down on everyone in the world of soccer.

Due to the complex system of points that the entire governing body of the sport has worldwide, the fall of the Canarinha It also meant a loss of 6.56 points for what goes from 1840.77 to 1834.2. For his part, the albiceleste when they beat Panama, they added 1.52 and now they would be close to having 1839.90 points to their name when the ranking is updated in April.

The graduation of the parties varies according to the rival and the competition. Morocco is in the eleventh place while Panama says it is present only in 61st overall position, so the defeat against the African team that has just finished in fourth place in the Qatar 2022 World Cup meant a great loss as it would have Given a greater advantage, they were left with the victory in the match played in Tangier.

How many more points would Argentina add if they beat Curaçao?

In case of defeating Curaçao, it would add another 1.04 and it would be impossible for Brazil and France (3rd, with 1833.92 and their matches add more because they are in the framework of the Qualifying for Eurocopa 2024) reach him since it would rise to 1840.94 units.

With the draw and the loss, the loss of points would be very hard. (3.96 with equality and 8.96 if he loses) and would give a chance to the blues to surprise and jump two steps in a window. the scratch It does not have a friendly planned so it would remain with the same points while France could reach 1838.45 points if it defeats Ireland, also for the same continental tournament.

The FIFA world ranking podium

1st place: Argentina with 1839.90 points
2nd place: Brazil with 1834.2 points
3rd place: France with 1833, 92 points