The bomb about the future of Dibu Martínez: “He told me that he is going to return to Independiente”

In the last hours, Damian Albilgoalkeeping coach at Argentine national team world champion in Qatar 2022, surprised the photographer to the future of emiliano martinez.

With the Dibu we always talk about Red and the moments they spent at the club. He told me that if I was world champion at some point I would return to Independiente“, revealed in Red hell.

The goalkeeper of the albiceleste team trained at the Avellaneda club with Roberto Santoro and He confessed on several occasions that he is a fan of the Red. In 2012, Arsenal from England bought his pass and he did not make his debut in Argentine soccer. Later, he ended up being world champion in the Argentine National Team.

“I was with Albil and he told me: ‘If you come out champion, you come to Independiente’ and I said yes, but fucking around”Dibu Martínez commented a few months ago in TyC Sports.

Regarding this, the former Estudiantes goalkeeper excludes: “As soon as the game (the World Cup final) ended we hugged and I said in his ear ‘remember your promise’ and he laughed. Now is not the time but surely in the future he will do it”.

Finally, Albil praised drawing: “It is what everyone sees on the court. It’s totally authentic, that’s the personality it has. He is a boy with a big heart and great humility ”, he concluded.