The cell phone hacker asks judges and politicians to unify the causes

Ezequiel Nuñes Pinheiro, the main defendant for being the hacker of Marcelo D’Alessandro’s phone, wants to be investigated by a single judge. The young missionary presented a petition before the federal court where he requests that the file where he is investigated for illegal access to the cell phone of Deputy Diego Santilli be included in the mega-cause for the hacking of federal judges allegedly through the Sim Swap maneuvers of the which has a request for an investigation by the prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita.

Said investigation is carried out by Judge Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi. Days ago, the magistrate unified the files for the hacking of the phones of the appeals chambers Mariano Borinsky and Gustavo Hornos and of the Oral Court Number 2, Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu and Andrés Basso. In the mega-cause, Martínez de Giorgi added the file for identity theft of the head of the Court, Horacio Rosatti, who months ago declared the contracting of at least four lines in his name and without his authorization.

After various inquiries, it was also discovered that another line had been drawn in the name of the courtier Carlos Rozenkrantz without his knowledge. Likewise, Ricardo Lorenzetti accused that strangers contacted people around him through another subscriber and posing as him. To determine the connection, the magistrate took into account that the events occurred between August 2022 and February of this year and that those affected are federal judges.

In their presentation, the 22-year-old missionary’s lawyers asked Martínez de Giorgi to ask his colleague María Romilda Servini to refrain from continuing to intervene in the file that will take place as a result of Santilli’s complaint, where Nuñes Pinheiro recently passed from be a witness to the defendant.

For Nuñes’ defenders, “there is only one complex criminal conduct that cannot and should not be atomized as it is currently happening” and that the principle of prevention must prevail “in order to facilitate the right to defense and not violate due legal process ”.

The lawyers emphasize that their client has already been investigated by the prosecutor specializing in Computer Crimes, Daniela Dupuy, for the hacking of Marcelo D’Alessandro’s cell phone, for which they ask that “investigation summons be suspended until the problem is resolved.” Regarding this last case, the Supreme Court is pending a ruling on where it should continue to be processed after Judge Sebastián Ramos refused to include it in the file for the trip to Lago Escondido.

Meanwhile, Martínez de Giorgi awaits a report from the Directorate of Judicial Assistance in Complex Crimes and Organized Crime (Dajudeco) to determine whether to order measures to deepen the investigation and determine whether to summon Nuñes Pinheiro for an investigation.

It is not ruled out that without asking the Court, the Comodoro Py magistrate ends up investigating the hacking of D’Alessandro. For this, in addition to the period of time in which the maneuvers were carried out and the condition of the officials affected, the highest court must consider that Martínez de Giorgi is in a better position to intervene, taking into account whether the mega-case of hacking judges is more comprehensive and that in the rest of the files, Elías Ezequiel Nuñes Pinheiro is the only and main defendant.

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