The creator of the hit “Muchachos” launched a desperate request ahead of Argentina’s match against Panama

“Boys,” accompanied the Argentine national team throughout the World Cup in Qatar and will continue to be the hit that will be sung for years to come. The intellectual creator of the song is Fernando Romero, Fr.But as the vast majority of fans were left without a ticket to see the Escaloneta.

I lined up with my cell phone and compu… My wife, my father and brother did the same, but none of us could get it. I couldn’t get any kind of inputRomero told Old. The tickets were sold in less than two hours and simultaneously almosti 2 million users they tried to have their place in the Monumental.

In the interview they asked him if he expects an invitation from AFA: “I’m not one to mess around, I never messed with anything, neither before, nor during, nor in any note or anything. But I would like to have a contact, to know that they know of my existence, that they know who I am, the possibility of speaking with someone from AFA, leaders, players or whoever. I could not contact anyone and the truth is that for me that is a dream, I would like to be able to fulfill it. If the contact was given and not the ticket, out there one could fulfill something of what he wants, but obviously if a ticket appears I will use it, “he replied.

“As for staying out, I didn’t go to the World Cup, I haven’t seen the National Team for a long time. I love that people sing the song, obviously I would like to be in the game, like the 45 million Argentines, but I also know that the possibility is very small and that sometimes the issue of tickets is complicated. I would like to be able to meet them, chat, have a moment to talk with them, with anyone. If an entry appears it will be welcome, but if it does not appear it will be happy as I come“, closed.