The crude story of Marcelo Bravo after the death of Manrique: “The saddest thing that happened to me”

The death of hernan Little stick Manrique like a shock in Argentine soccer. The regretful death of the reserve assistant of Velez The 49-year-old unleashed a deep sadness in the Liniers entity that was still incredulous by the death of the former footballer of newchicagoamong others.

Marcelo Bravowho was the DT and his co-worker in the inferiors of the Fortcounted on deeply despite the death of Manrique:”It was the saddest thing that happened to me in the last time“.

“The game was played at 11 and the boys had breakfast at 9. We had already arrived a couple of hours ago and at 10 we gave the technical talk. He says a few words and kind of stays still. The boys they went to warm up and he sat down for a moment. I asked him if he felt alright. She told me no and then she touched her chest and it hurt a little”accurate Bravo.

“‘You have to tell the doctor, pali‘, I told. ‘It’s going to pass,’ he replied to me. Then I spoke to the club doctor and warned him that (Manrique) was not well, he was a little pale. And there he talked to him. On that journey I go to the field, I go back in, I see him in the bathroom mirror and he told me that he was a little better, ”she explained.

“When the first half ended, I was giving the talk to go out for the second half and that’s when I found out the news. It was the saddest thing that happened to me in the last half. He was revived by two in the locker room and the worst happened on top of the ambulance, ”said the coach of the inferior times of Velez.

“When They Told Me”Little stick He couldn’t take it, I started crying. It is the saddest thing that happened to me in the last time. Velez It is a family and not having it is very hard. We promised with the boys to move this forward and hopefully we will achieve the goal for him, “she concluded.