The fans of the Argentine National Team have already withdrawn their tickets for the friendly with Panama

For those Argentine fans who managed to obtain their tickets, Friday can be crowned in the best way since the delivery of the same began for the friendly of the Argentine national team scam Panama next Thursday March 23rd.

The visit of the world champions would expect such an expectation that in the virtual line to obtain the tickets for the duel with Panama, more than a million followers of the team of lionel scaloni.

In any case, the illusion of many fans to see the national team quickly vanished since the tickets sold out in a little more than two hours, according to reports. sporticik.comsite chosen for the distribution of tickets.

The sales portal had at its disposal 63,000 tickets for the general public since the rest of the tickets available to fill the stadium River they are intended for the protocol.

The lucky 63,000 go for their tickets to River

Consequently, those fans who had access to the tickets already approached the mediations of the Monumental stadium to collect theirs. The requirements to complete the process is to physically have the ID and the debit or credit card with which the purchase was made.

As for the tickets themselves, they have some important details to promote greater security and prevent falsification. In the first instance, the entrances are made with a trilayer and have a colored soul.

In addition, it has a watermark that can only be read by ultraviolet light and a thermos that changes color when reacting to heat. Another detail is the specific design for each game and it has a QR code to be read at turnstiles or PDAs along with a hologram as an added security measure.

See the champions, entertainment and recommendations

The night of Thursday, March 23, will remain in the memory of the fans who say they are present at the River stadium, not only because they will be able to meet again with the world champion squad, but they will also enjoy an event full of surprises.

As it will be an event that will generate considerable movement, from the AFA They also warned that the opening of the stadium will be 5 hours before the start of the game (20:30). “You must attend well in advance,” confirms the statement.