The played forecast of a DT: “Boca is going to be the champion of the Libertadores”

After 1-0 victory of Deportivo Pereira over Boca Juniorsby the date 4 of the Libertadores Cup from America, Alejandro Restrepocoach of the Colombian team, predicted that the team of Jorge Almirón will end up with the title of the maximum continental tournament.

Like Hervé Renard, the French coach of Saudi Arabia who beat Argentina on the first date of the World Cup in Qatar and later predicted that Lionel Messi and company would be champions and he was right, Restrepo, 41, did the same after beating the xeneize.

“Boca is the current Argentine soccer champion and has good players, but this is soccer and sometimes it happens like this time, when he loses a game like this“, Restrepo pointed out at the post-match press conference in Pereira.

But Boca is going to go through this group stage first and then he will be champion of America“, closed the DT native of Medellín.

How does Boca continue in the Copa Libertadores?

  • June 6: for date 5 of the Copa Libertadores, Boca will receive Colo Colo, at 9:00 p.m. in La Bombonera

  • June 29: for the 6th and last date of the group stage of the Copa Libertadores, Boca will visit and receive Monagas, at 7:00 p.m. at La Bombonera.

How is the standings of Group F?

  1. Mouth 7 points
  2. Deportivo Pereira 7 points
  3. Colo Colo 5 points
  4. Monagas 2 points