The premiere of AKA represents a double challenge for Lucas Pose

myOn April 7, it opens at the 25 de Mayo Cultural Center (Av. Triunvirato 4444, CABA), a musical version of the Spanish work AKA (Also known as…), about text by Daniel J. MeyeA. The directed by Gastón Marioni recreated the story of Carlos, a teenager irregularly adopted abroad by Argentine parents and raised under all the care of the middle class with love. But little by little the boy’s true story is uncovered, the one prior to joining the family, resulting for him in a new way of seeing his identity. A great theme and very topical as well, and above all rare in the Buenos Aires billboard.

Lucas Pose and Gaston Marioni. protagonist and director.

Constructed as a one-man show with the protagonist of luke pose, Being a musician as well as an actor, this young talent composed the songs that he performs together live Salvador Pecelis, Agustin Painefil, Facundo Biderbostin collaboration with martin cabrera (Macabre), Changing so completely lan original proposal according to the imprint of Marioni. Here is his story:

Released in Spain in its first version, with five uninterrupted seasons in Barcelona and Madrid, with more than 45,000 viewers, this text was converted into nine languages, becoming a recognized, award-winning work and distinguished by specialized critics. Here this particular one-person has a costume design by Alejandra Roboti and staging of Lucas BorziLas functions will be Fridays and Saturdays in April, and Saturdays in May, always at 9:00 p.m. Against here More information about tickets.

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