The “rag” heroes of the Malvinas need effective medical coverage

More than forty years have passed since the War of and for Malvinas and the lies and concealments continue around it, in this case about the Post War.

The different authorities of the national government that they used during all these long years did nothing other than pretend to be concerned about War Veterans. Laws, decrees, resolutions and all the paper tinged with legality were issued, but if there are no practical results it is a dead letter.

The medical care coverage provided to the Former War Veterans Soldiers from and through Malvinas was not within their reach after the war ended, they were abandoned. a job of years claimingpetitioning, proposing, and above all mobilizing allowed them somewhat scarce health care.

How much have we learned from the defeat in the Malvinas war?

Despite this, they must still be claiming for its proper functioning, leaving “heroes” (as society and politicians call them) to the good of God.

War veterans must resort to public hospitals or the system of Social Works that for his job corresponded to him (if they had one). In any of those cases, There were no professionals who knew about all the ailments for which they were consulted.

Many of them, although they are common to the entire population, were acquired in the war and that differentiates them; others, on the other hand, are only seen in a very specific environment, for example, the sequelae of neurovascular lesions caused by freezing (trench foot), or those that appeared as a result of the high degree of stress caused by the combat situationwhich he also did, that the latter are diagnosed incorrectly.

Arturo Pérez Reverte: “Argentina was very unfair to the heroes of Malvinas”

both the Public hospitals Like the military they did not have specialized interdisciplinary teams in the needs of medical care in general and psychiatric care in particular.

For years the national state ignored the consequences of war, making appropriate treatment impossible, improving consequences of near catastrophic proportions in terms of the number of war veterans who died due to lack of adequate medical care and treatment.

Just in February 2005 a differential coverage system was established within the PAMIfor the universe of war veterans and their families.

Malvinas: 74 days of irresponsibility, dignity and blood

It is believed that many years have passed since then and poor care in general continues, and despite that long time the system resolved in, it did not have and does not have a real scope to the entire country, and as in the rest of the PAMI benefits towards the rest of its affiliates, is usually cut off.

41 years after that autumn war, the health service for former War Veteran Soldiers is still not, I am not saying excellent, but rather optimal at the national level. Another “triumph” of the vernacular political class in making what simply could be inaccessible and practical.

The service can and should receive improvements, the matter goes through the wills of public officials and even possibly those of some of the directions of the sector, if they will leave ideology aside.

The negotiations in the PAMI follow one another with officials full of expressions of wishes, ideologies pass, but the problems are still there, as if they all formed in the same school of excuses, euphemism and false empathy.

“The Malvinas War Veterans should not be a rag puppet that is dusted off every April 2 to wash away the guilt of a decadent political class”

In short, all those PAMI officials end up shifting the problem to others when they are the ones doing the harm, they all revive Pilatos, they are experts, they are all on one side of the counter or the other as appropriate, but never applying justice and honesty to the beneficiaries.

They only have spasmodic movements, the product of some mobilization of War Veterans or that some event had media notoriety, to show an apparent state of situation or a solution for that momentafter that everything stays as it was.

On the other hand, specific medical care in mental health for war veterans also arrived very late, it only had its initial kick in 2004, when it was implemented by the Malvinas Argentinas Mental Health Center of the Argentine Army. In fact, regarding this topic in War Veterans, Argentina stands out for being the only country in the world that will repair a pathology that was not chronic.

Consequently, no political leader, of whatever party, or public official of whatever class (civilian or military) should come to say that war veterans were always cared for; the facts not only show the opposite, but also show the level of cynicism and/or stupidity that they have reached when they make comments like that, having taken so many years to do something, that on top of that they insist on keeping it wrong.

Falklands War Veterans should not be a rag puppet that every April 2 is dusted off to wash away the guilt of a decadent political class, they are Argentines who expect a dignified health system and up to all its combat consequences.

*Former War Veteran soldier, author of “The two wounds of the Malvinas: the one occasionally left by the war and the one left by social indifference (The Malvinas post-war 1982/2020).

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