The surprising streak that River tried to stretch during its match against Platense

Silver river try to recover after the hard blow suffered in the last game of the professional league before the set of workshops in a fall that was undoubtedly very painful but that must be overcome since the Millionaire will try to stabilize at the top of the tournament.

This Sunday they will return to their stadium, a stage in which they have become very strong and in which they have not lost for several games. Demichelis’s idea is to maintain that strength in order to extend this streak against Platense, who will try to complicate his interests.

That is why it is important to remember that the last time River lost in its stadium was on February 26. in a match in which they lost to Arsenal de Sarsandí by 2 to 1.

From that moment on, those of Núñez did not return to fall in a campaign in which They have obtained six victories in games in which 12 goals have been scored for and only two have been conceded against them.