The true story of the Papu Gomez case

I have the post: it’s called artificial intelligence and it does whatever you ask. And best of all: there are no ethical dilemmas. You ask him a question or upload some data and he makes you a note in seconds. Never question if that information is real, if the story is reliable, or if someone took the trouble to check something. Like many journalists, let’s say it. There is no doubt: the issue of Papu Gómez with the National Team deserves the invaluable contribution of AI.

I open the blessed program and ask him a question: why didn’t Papu Gómez participate in the friendly with the Argentine National Team? The response was immediate: “Argentine striker Alejandro Gómez, champion with his country’s National Team in the Soccer World Cup in Qatar, did not participate in the festivities with his teammates at the Monumental stadium in Buenos Aires because he has an ankle injury left, and his current team, Sevilla of Spain, did not allow him to travel… ”. I got bored. It was not what he was looking for. For official explanations, I read the AFA statements.

I make a second try. I decide to add some variables to make the story more attractive, more winsome. I propose to artificial intelligence that it write about the conflict between Papu and the referents of the National Team. To give you more precision, I mention Lionel Messi, Ángel Di María, Rodrigo de Paul, Nicolás Otamendi and Leandro Paredes. The answer: “The Argentine soccer player Alejandro Gómez, better known as Papu, would have a confrontation with the leaders of his National Team, including Lionel Messi, a conflict that would have started during the participation of the albiceleste team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. having been the reason why the 35-year-old striker did not participate in the celebrations for winning the World Cup…”.

The story is lukewarm. A lot of artificial intelligence, a lot of artificial intelligence, but it doesn’t explain what happened to the Papu, it doesn’t offer me the details that we are all waiting for. It shouldn’t be that complicated. A few days ago, photos of Donald Trump being detained by the police circulated and later we found out that they were trout, that they had been created with AI. There is a video in which Charly García appears singing a Queen song that he never sang: it is also an AI invention. That is what I need.

I try a third version, but with all the seasonings. I load random data: Papu Gómez, conflict, Qatar, witchcraft, Messi, Di María, World Cup, Selection, black magic, references, Lo Celso, sorceress, injury, Argentina champion, Seville. I think this will work fine. I’m anxious; after all, it is my debut with artificial intelligence. I press enter and read.

“The leaders of the Argentine National Team, including Leo Messi and Ángel Di María, marginalized Papu Gómez from the squad when they found out that before the World Cup the striker had resorted to the services of a witch to injure a teammate and, In this way, to be a starter in Qatar ”.

This is getting cute! Be careful with the AI, I’m liking it. I keep reading. “The revelation in the most unexpected way. The sorceress had predicted to Papu Gómez that Argentina was going to be crowned world champion. The player became so exultant and insistent in full competition that a partner went to consult the witch. The response he received was decisive: “That’s right; Mr. Papu came to see me and I told him that he saw Argentina with a drink. But it was not the only thing, he also asked me to cause an injury to Lo Celso before the World Cup ”. Finding out about the maneuver, the team leaders asked coach Lionel Scaloni not to take it into account. In this way, the striker did not play any game after the round of 16 or participated in the friendlies organized by the AFA to celebrate the third star with the Argentine fans.

Done, this is the story we needed. I make a thread and post it on Twitter.

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