They released the policeman who killed a motorcycle: Berni and Bullrich supported him and Wado de Pedro crossed them

The release of the policeman who shot dead a “motochorro” It did not go unnoticed in the political leadership, since insecurity and inflation became the main axes of discussion between the ruling party and the opposition in the context of the current electoral year. The Minister of the Interior, Eduardo ‘Wado’ de Pedrorevived the attack on Cristina Kirchner and had several statements against Patricia Bullrich: “There have always been sectors of society that have too violent a discourse.” sergio berni stated that the case could be analyzed as an episode of “legitimate defense”.

The presidential candidate Patricia Bullrich supported the plainclothes police officer who murdered the criminal and stated that “if it had been the other way around, the motochorro would be free”.

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Regarding the position of sergio berniBuenos Aires Minister of Security, the official raised doubts about the case and detected that “it is very difficult to describe what happened.”

However, in statements shared in radio10, Berni expressed a comparison with luis chocobarthe Buenos Aires agent who was sentenced to suspended prison for murdering a thief in La Boca in December 2017.

“Unlike this case, Chocobar technically discontinued the action. In this case, on the other hand, the policeman was part of the action and there was no court,” the officer analyzed, considering that the most recent case could be interpreted as an episode of “legitimate defense”

sergio berni
Sergio Berni. Photo: Telam

Berni: “I am totally convinced that it is an act of legitimate defense”

in dialogue with radio with youBerni went further: “I am totally convinced that it is an act of self-defense. Or, at most, an abuse of self-defense could have occurred.”

“There are subjective and objective issues. At night, the man felt threatened by the use of a weapon, he is in a total state of defenselessness”stated the minister of the province of Buenos Aires.

Wado de Pedro: “Patricia Bullrich did not repudiate the assassination attempt against the vice president”

Instead, the Minister of the Interior, Peter’s Wadoremove the case from the context of the campaign and questioned the “magic recipes” proposed by the opposition, in the framework of an interview he gave in America TV.

“It is part of the problems that are used by the media to campaign and when we have to govern nothing is done,” de Pedro said.

“What you see is that there is a contempt for life. Argentine society, the leadership, Congress, I think we have to think about the values ​​we have as a society”, saw the Minister of the Interior.

“In Mercedes we have been able to organize a community that gets along well, that those who have the most also think about the marginal neighborhoods,” he added.

On the other hand, the Kirchnerist referent pointed strongly against Patricia Bullrich when recalling that He did not express his repudiation for the assassination attempt of which the vice president was a victim.

Wado of Pedro 20230523
Wado de Pedro. Photo: NA

“There have always been sectors of society that have too violent a discourse. I was chatting with someone abroad and they told me: ‘Wado, the right-wing or extreme-right parties in Italy and Spain do not have a speech to eliminate the opposition party, it did not happen to us that they want to assassinate one of the leaders.’ This deserves rejection and Patricia Bullrich did not repudiate the assassination attempt against the vice president”graphic.

“Later we found out that her former campaign manager knew she was going to be assassinated. I don’t like this society. I served for many years to have the freedom to say what I think and not feel afraid that they might do something to me. I discuss ideas, not people”, the leader of the Frente de Todos expanded.

I suffered the murder of my parents in my presence, and fight for many years so that there is justice and the murderers are in jail. I know what the feeling of impunity is,” said the official.

“The societies that work best are those that have other values. We have to go back there, and then a very firm hand with organized crime, with the officials that have to do with the areas of combat, ”he explained.

“If it’s not Cristina, it’s Wado”: Mayors K insist on the outcry but support De Pedro

They released the policeman who murdered a motorcycle

Prosecutor Gabriel López, of the Moreno-General Rodríguez Judicial Department, ordered the release of the policeman on Tuesday, after considering that there is no danger of hindering the cause by the samethat he will remain free although accused in the case in which it must be determined if it will be a case of “legitimate defense” or an excess in legitimate defense.

Although the fact was registered in the security cameras of the place, the cash of the Buenos Aires Police admitted to having shot the defender of an attempted robbery and said he feared for his life and that of his girlfriend, because the 28-year-old had pointed a gun at him.

It transpired that the policeman, who at the time of the event was dressed as a civilian, gave his version of the facts, confirmed what can be seen in the images that were recorded and cleared up various doubts.

The policeman, who has no prior criminal record or conflict, He said he feared for his life and that of his girlfriend.since the delinquent threatened to kill him, and he does not remember whether he called to stop and identified himself as a member of a security force before firing the shots.

On the other hand, the testimony of two people was known who assured that the same delinquent I had robbed them with the same weaponthat it would be two pipes intertwined with adhesive tape, to make it look like a firearm.

The event occurred last Sunday night at the corner of Lugones and Payro streets, in the town of La Reja, in Moreno.

The case is being handled by prosecutor López, from the Functional Instruction Unit No. 8 of the Moreno-General Rodríguez Judicial Department, who expects the results of the tests to resolve the procedural situation of the accused officer.

The second offender remained on the run and the investigated police officer is currently charged with the crime of “simple homicide aggravated by the use of a firearm and by being part of a security force”.

It also transpired that the agent’s girlfriend, who is seen in the video, testified and said what can be seen in the camera images.


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