They revealed which team the children of Mauro Zárate are fans of and the controversy broke out

Although many years have passed since Mauro Zarate he left mouth Juniors after three seasons, the anger of the fans of Velez by the player’s decision it is not finished. A novel that once again has a chapter after the comments of Natalia Weberplayer’s wife

Working in Argentina, although Zarate is in Italy, the model found herself chatting with Zonic Radio about his present and his family when, after a series of questions ended up revealing which team the player is really a fan of.

Talking about his two children, Rocco and Mia ZarateWeber revived the controversy over the former striker to make his feelings clear: “I do not click or cut, there they are already like the father”he released right after telling that the two boys are fans of Boca.

In this way, it is confirmed that Mauro Zárate is a fan of xeneize And the reasons for which he risked his idolatry in Vélez to play in Boca have just been confirmed. Team where he played 85 games and scored 21 goals with three titles.

Natalie Weber’s confession about Mauro Zárate