Unusual: they arrested a fan who wanted to buy resale tickets to see the Argentine National Team at the Monumental

A fan of the Argentine National Team was arrested by the city ​​police this Saturday and they carved out an act to encourage resale, after he approached the stadium Monumental to buy any of the tickets that the sympathizers for the party of the “party of championsBefore Panama.

Without a doubt, it was a most incredible event: a fan approached with a sign that said “buy popular” for next week’s game against Panama and the police officers intervened to stop him.

In what is the second day for the withdrawal of tickets to see the world champions next Thursday, March 23 from 8:30 p.m., on the River field, the young man approached the mediations of the stadium to get a resale .

But this young man, who was not identified, He appeared along with two other friends to obtain a ticket of the 80,000 that were sold virtually on Thursday and they sold out in just over two hours with a demand of almost two million users.

As reported double yellow, The young man was announced in the first instance by police officers to leave the place, since resale is prohibited and it is a crime for those who incite it, both seller and buyer.

Argentinian Tickets

Despite the warning to leave the place with the sign, the Argentine fan insisted after a few minutes and tried again to get a ticket. As a consequence, police officers who were in civilian clothes arrested him.

Although the fact did not go to major, the Buenos Aires Police drew up a contravention act for affecting the normal development of the show and later withdrew from the place without further inconvenience.

Source: NA