Wado de Pedro responded to Levinas: “Society is much better than you think”

The Minister of the Interior and possible presidential candidate for the Frente de Todos, Peter’s Wadohe replied to the journalist gabriel levinas and assured that “society is much better than you think”, referring to the analysis carried out by the radio host regarding his speech condition, criticizing a possible postulation for his stuttering.

“I want to convey that You have to have more responsibility when communicating certain things. I have the resources to sustain a strong critique. But there are many boys, many girls, who have a speech impediment or who have other difficulties or other ways of being who, to be honest, have a hard time,” said Wado de Pedro in a meeting with Buenos Aires mayors held this Monday in Quilmes. .

Along these lines, he added: “We have been working on a campaign that is Argentina against Bullying that it is precisely to raise awareness that everyone is the way they are, that each one has their differences, has their things, their defects, that what matters is what one says, what matters are the people. With which, it seems to me that the message is that, we accept each one as it is. And for the journalist, who also knows that there is a much better society than he thinks”.

They repudiate Gabriel Levinas for saying that Wado De Pedro cannot be a candidate because he has a stutter

The minister also stated that Levinas’ thinking “represents a sector of society that did not realize that things had changed for the betterand expressed his desire that new generations of politicians, businessmen, trade unionists and journalists appear in Argentina.

What did Gabriel Levinas say?

Wado by Pedro and Gabriel Levinas.

This Sunday, the journalist Gabriel Levinas was interviewed in Tennessee, where he made an analysis of the current political scenario and gave his opinion on the figure of the Minister of the Interior. There, he began what seemed to be a critique of Argentine society, declaring: “I would like a country where we are so intellectually evolved, where the president can be a person with a stutter. I would like a country like that”.

However, when delving into the subject, he criticized the possible candidacy for president of Wado de Pedro. “If you are going to put a person of this nature as a candidate for the presidency, you know that in Argentina it will fail, if society is not prepared for that. Why do you put it the same? Why do you point at it anyway?” she shot.

“Precisely, a party that the only thing that does well is to speak -Menem’s oratory, Kirchner’s oratory, Cristina’s oratory, Perón’s oratory-, you put at a guy who can’t speak“, conclusion.

The repudiation against Levinas

The subsequent analysis of Wado de Pedro focused mainly on an optimistic message regarding the social context and the construction of common sense in Argentina. In this way, she maintained that “the new generations are much more empathic, the new generations have a level of acceptance among themselves. It seems to me that this person speaks representing a sector of society, a sector of a generation that did not realize that the world changed a lot and, in those instances, it changed for the better.”

In addition, he continued the idea of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner about the need to “take the marshal’s baton” and added: “It seems very good to me that some generations move and that some new things emerge” and summarized his position by saying “we are going to cut with a society with hate speech to build a better, just, free, sovereign and inclusive society for everyone”.

Wado de Pedro sees himself as a candidate, but Sergio Massa makes electoral announcements

For his part, the Chief of Staff, Augustine Rossi, repudiated the disqualification of the journalist and opined that “there is a concentration of hate that, when it has an escape valve, shows its cruelest face. Sometimes they are more delicate and other times more brutal, as happened this weekend”.

gabriela cerruttithe presidential spokesman, said that “what Levinas says is not only discrimination” but also “political violence to try to take an opponent off the court”.that’s what the extreme right tries“, locating the opponent “not as someone with whom you have to discuss politics, but as someone who cannot directly exist or be.”

Pedro’s Wado disfluency

The Minister of the Interior of the Nation has been disfluent since he was a child and speaks openly about the subject, in order to raise awareness about the condition possessed by 1 percent of the world’s population. As he recounted in interviews, his disorder is linked to the strong trauma of his childhood, related to the kidnapping and murder of his parents and his appropriationby a military family, during the last civic-military dictatorship.

In 2021, during the Stuttering Congress, he explained that “one of the hemispheres of the brain, which is the one that reasons the part of the word, goes faster than the hemisphere that has to implement that word”. In addition, he declared: “I want to convey to you, first, the acceptance. We are who we are. Stuttering does not define us. We are people who do much more than this. The silence, the fact that they look at you as something strange, feeling different, does not help ”.

Wado de Pedro spoke about Cristina Kirchner and Alberto Fernández: “They are day and night”

Regarding his own path towards acceptance, Wado de Pedro has reported that the former president Nestor Kirchner It was the key to his political career. “Néstor summoned me for a talk in front of five thousand people, a week before his death, and I told him that I did not speak in public, because he had a stutter. He replied that nothing was wrong, that I speak as I speak, that the important thing was the content. Later he sent me another message saying that the day I stop getting angry, let my guard down, don’t feel defensive, my fear would start to go away, ”he said.

“From that moment I started making jokes about my stuttering in meetings, or presentations, I started to change my vision regarding stuttering. Today I can say that breaking with silence, with loneliness, accepting oneself, that families talk about it, is the best decision that can be made ”, he concluded.


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