Welcome truck driver for Antonio Aracre: “Let him continue dreaming of making a labor reform”

The General Secretary of the CGT (General Labor Confederation) and Deputy Truck Drivers, Pablo Moyano launched harsh criticism of the future head of advisors to the Presidency, the former CEO of Syngenta, antonio aracrewho in his first statements after meetings this week with President Alberto Fernández was encouraged to slip the possibility of carrying out a labor reform.

Without half measures, Moyano “invited” an aracre a “continue dreaming of carrying out a labor reform”, at the same time that he said that the collaborator of the President “I should go out and see how people work.”

“They talk about labor reform, but again the Truckers union with Hugo Moyano and a lot of union organizations We are going to reject any attempt at labor reform”said Moyano Jr., making it clear that the frightening Peronist trade unionism is far from thinking about labor modifications of this type.

Pablo Moyano, general secretary of the CGT.

Moyano’s statements arose as a result of Aracre’s comments in which they assured: “Thinking about what could be interesting for Together for Change so that they agree to sit at a dialogue table, despite the disputes that exist on other issues, I think that labor modernization could meet for kids under 30 years of age or adults over 50 with difficulties entering the job market”.

I went out brother, peel your ass like the truckers peel it, leaving their family for days and days to take one more mango home”, Pablo Moyano shot at the chief of advisers to the Presidency.

Moyano’s chicane against Aracre

The union leader continued with his questions and chicaned Aracre, whom he defined as a “technician who would never have left an office”.

Labor reform: the strategy promoted by the opposition and the business community of Córdoba

Surely he never got into a truck, never grabbed a brush to sweep a company in rain or heatr, or he will never have entered a company to work”, he affirmed and maintained: “The truth is that, as a union leader, as a Peronist, we cannot accept that these guys, who in the fucking life suffered persecution or exploitation by businessmen , today come freely to say ‘I am going to present a project of labor reform’”.

This way, also invited Aracre to visit a factory, an industry, as well as a metallurgy or a Automotive industry and even a bakery to see “how people work”.

No brother, I went out into the street and you will see that Truckers will be the first to be on the street defending the rights of workers who cost Lives, sacrifice, torture and disappeared colleagues who defended the collective labor agreements”, he concluded.


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